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Girl's Squad (Pientä säätöä) episode 1

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Wednesday, 10th January Enter pass code Helloo I can’t in this chemistry class Chat with me Okay Girls You'll never guess what I just heard What? Marika has a party On Friday Huh What party? WHAT?!! You mean Marika from class D? Why am i not invited?? Yeah I just heard in the bathroom I’m not invited either Emma are you? I had no idea about the party At the cafeteria, I heard how seniors talked about some party They probably meant Marika’s (party) They are all going Which means Everyone is invited Except for us Probably not EVERYONE I have talked with Marika like a hundred of times Guess she doesn’t even remember me... Or then she hates me She doesn’t hate you Calm down Iida Well What if we just ask could we go too? NO Have you gone mad??? You can’t ASK for an invitation Invitation is something you GET What do we do now? We’re going to be left out This is horrible Let’s calm down I won’t calm down!! Before I’m invited to that party Well ok Let’s do something just the three of us instead? Let’s throw our own party And who you think would come to our party??? When everyone is going to Marika’s Us Your best friends Let’s watch a movie or something? Okayy That's a good idea Yess it’s a deal! Tuomas: Hey what’s up? Are you coming to Marika’s party? OOOoOH What's happening Is that THE Tuomas?? HE IS!! What do I answer?? Help me Say that you don’t know yet Say that you’re maybe coming If you get the invitation later or something I can't say MAYBE Then he’ll think I’m not interested No he won't? Also we just agreed that we’ll hang out on Friday Iida c'mon Emma has been after that guy for months Right This is so typical Running after all the boys Hey this is nothing like that I like him FOR REAL We have so much in common You don't even know him We have talked in snapchat so many times About music and everything He plays the guitar Just like I do Well that solves everything Playing a guitar Hey hey hold on Iida This is important for Emma Tuomas has been her target FOR MONTHS And he seems really nice guy for real I think you should go to the party Tuomas kind of invited you Hey I really must answer something HELP ME Emma don’t panic Ask him How so? Throw the ball back to his corner Works every time I don't know yet How so? Would be nice to hang out there We could go together? Yeah that’d be nice Iida please don’t be mad Girl's Squad will get back to it in the next episode

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Posted by: anriv on Sep 2, 2019

Finnish chat-fiction series Girl's Squad (Pientä säätöä) episode 1 with English subtitles.

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