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Rumi Nagashima - Tokyo, Japan - Japanese (Global Lives Project, 2007) ~11:44:05 - 11:54:13

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Good afternoon. It's still "Good morning". Look! Rumi! Oh, you drew such a cute one! Hey, is it OK to cut this part? No, it's not. Oh, no! What are you doing? Oh, I don't wanna do this anymore. You've already finished some of them. Rumi, good luck! No! It's not mine! Here you are. Use this paper. You do this by yourself, alright? But doesn't the ink appear on the back of this paper? Oh, don't use a pen. Oh, you drew such a lovely one! Good job! When you get home, ask your mother to... Argh! What is it? Put it in the toaster. It's gonna be really disappointing if there is no toaster. Yeah, I guess. Rie, you have a toaster, right? I have one in my home, too! Really? I think so. I think so. I think Rie has a toaster. I'm sure there was one. In my home, there is... An oven. An oven. A toaster oven! Hey, how am I supposed to cut this? Oh, with this cutter. How should I cut this? I'm gonna copy you. Oh! Here! Was it okay to cut inside of this? Yes. Um? Here, you leave... I said leave. You leave this part like this. It's difficult, isn't it? I've just made a little mistake. Here, right? Here. Argh. I am supposed to do this like this, right? Oh... I am already tired of this. Oh, this is too much. What is that? Reinforcing. Reinforcing. What did you draw? Kae, it's a heart. Don't copy mine Oh, no! Oh, no! Oh, no! Rumi. Yes. I finished this. Oh, did you? Oh,wow! You drew it well! Wow! This is lovely! It's good. These colors are very beatiful, aren't they? You know, take this back to your home, you know. Take this home and before you put it in the toaster, you may want to ask someone to punch a hole. Ah, and then put this on a piece of string? Yes, that's right. I've done this before. Really? Would you like to do this without punching a hole? I can do this without a hole. I am done! I am done! I am done! Hmm... Good job. Hey, hey, hey, hey. What about here? Here. How should I do? Think about how... I can't! This can be fun only if you think and do this by yourself. Can you wait for a black pen? Can I borrow a black pen? I have a black over here. Thank you. You are welcome. Hey, wait! Was is OK to cut here? I want you to leave that part if you can. Here, I have one more so, hand this over to Kana. Ah, I got it. Oops, I made a mistake! You know, this is the gathering... Ah! Ah! I've wanted to see this! I am sorry. I took this home. Oh, this is good. I thought I should give this to Rumi. Is it okay to distribute this? Well, this came with application, right? Deadline for application... How are you doing? Done? Oh! I am screwed! Oh, no! I finished the first one. Ah, yes! You are right. Ryo was quite famous in the branch office, too. Oh, he was? Finally, finally by looking at these... Like Rumi. Oh, I see I see. Oh, wow. There are many conductors who I know in here! Oh, yeah? Oh, thank you very much. There is nothing about me keeping it. Yes. Oh! Wonderful. ♪Ta ta ta ta... (Anpam man, the cartoon character) Did you guys write your names? Did you? I did. Oh, I think I did. Rie, see the back. You wrote yours on the back. I'm gonna give this to Kana. Are you gonna give this to Kana? Yes, I am. Will you cut this in half? That's scary. Nagi, will you cut this for me? I am scared. I will give this to Kana. No, no! You can't! What did you draw? Whose is this? Wait! Wait! That's Nagi's too! That's Nagi's too? Nagi's? I gave this to Nagi. This has no name. Is this Kiki's? Kiki? Is this Kiki's? There is no name written here. No. Is that Ayaka's? Yes. I wrote mine over here. Maybe, that's Kana's? Oh, Kana's? Kana! Kana didn't come. She has written "Harashima". Huh? It said "Kana". See. It had musical notations. Do you know this? That's Kana's! Kana's? Kana's? There was no name. I can't find mine. Well, let me see. Let me check whether it is Kana's. Ah, then it must be Rie's. It says Rie, right? Ah! I found it! "Harashima Kana" Oh, yes! You are right! I wrote it! I remember... Thank you. How are you doing, Rumi? Huh? Why are you doing "80"? What are you doing? Hey, is it okay to cut this? Oh, I may have made a mistake. No! Please! Please do this! No, don't say that. You do it! Fine. What was the thing... You can use things like stickers.. Stickers or maybe scotch tape. Hey, hey, hey. Can't I look at this while I am doing it? You can't look while you are doing it? You know, when I make a T-shirt by myself, can't I look? Can you? I can! I can! Hey, this is good enough, right? Because I've already done it until here. I've done it until here. This is a masterpiece! OK! I'll do this! Oh, I did it! Oh, no! Oh, not from this side. I can't see a cap. Rie. I didn't use purple. Give me black. I was gonna use red.

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Duration: 10 minutes and 8 seconds
Country: Japan
Language: Japanese
Producer: GL
Director: Irene Herrera
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Posted by: globallivesjapan on Oct 29, 2008


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