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What is ISO 9001

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Hello and welcome to ISO 9001 checklist podcast. Our aim is to provide the best free ISO 9001 training resources on the web In this episode we can start on basics and ask What is ISO 9001? What ISO 9001 is not The different sections in ISO 9001 The keys to success How to gain approval Important tips when using ISO 9001 So, what is ISO 9001? ISO 9001 contains all of the requirements which an organisation must address within their quality management system if they wish to be certified against the standard. The majotiry of these requirements would be identified by many organisations as common sense topics which they would want to address in order to run their e.g. sales, design, purchasing, training, calibration of test equipment , control of records. ISO 9001 is written by committee TC 176 and is designed for use in any type of organisation. This inevitably means that there are compromises in the wording standard and some interpretation is often needed. There are 8 sections in ISO 9001 Scope, references, terms and definitions Quality management system, management responsability, resource management, resource management, product realisation and measurement, analysis and improvement. ISO 9001 key to success In this section 4, 5, 6, 7 & 8 which contain the requirements themselves and organisations wishing to be certified against ISO 9001 will need to demonstrate that the have addressed all of the there requirements. There are over 250 individual requirements in ISO 9001 that can be condensed into five key statements... Determine the needs and expectations of customers. Establish policies, objectives and a work environment necessary to motivate people to satisfy these needs. Design, recourse and manage a system of interelated processes to implement the policy and attain the objectives. Measure and analyse the effectiveness of each process in fulfilling its objectives. Persue the continual improvement of the system from an objective evaluation of its performance. ISO 9001.2008 registration gives the organisation the benefit of an objective evaluated and enforce quality management system. It is tangible expression of a firms commiment to quality that is internationally understodd and accepted. ISO 9001 registration is carried out by certification bodies, accredited organisations that review the organisation quality manual and working practices to ensure that they meet the standard. It is important that when an organization is certified to ISO 9001, its clear which aspects of the organisation are covered by the certificate. This is addressed thru the scope of registration, and must clearly identified what is included so as not to mislead. Its a requirement that all 9001 must be addressed by the organisation. However, there are circumtances under which certain requirements of the standard can be excluded, yet compliance with ISO 9001 still be claimed:

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Descripciòn y definiciòn de los conceptos de la ISO 9001.

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