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Allentown and Bethlehem: Is A GMC Acadia Really as Tough as a Traditional Truck Based SUV?

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Posted by: sydk03phne on Mar 5, 2015
GMC is a brand well known for producing tough to the nails trucks and SUVs. Even as the truck based SUV craze started to dwindle around the 2000s, GMC kept up with their traditional rough and tough formula to produce cars that could give any 4X4 a run for its money. Recently, however, GMC received a lot of heat from old school GMC fans for deviating from the usual rugged SUV frame to the more car-like uni-body crossover structure. Considering all this, the GMC Acadia is really a breath of fresh air.
No it's not a truck based SUV; it is a uni-body crossover on paper, which means it performs more optimally on the open roads than the off road tracks of Allentown and Bethlehem.

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