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Gulnazi Goletiani

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V.O.: Until the judges are having lunch, Gulnazi Goletiani also got hungry We wonder if her performance is as nourishing, as this Khachapuri? G.: I am Gulnazi Goletiani from Tsageri. I live in the village named Kveda Tsageri I have 3 children and a husband. Of course, living in the village is very hard. You have to take care of not only household, but farm, live-stock. Tika: What is your name? G.: Gulnazi. Vaniko: What are you going to show us, Ms Gulnazi? G.: I will sing. I decided to take part in this project because I love music very much and I always sing. Vaniko: How do you think, will you be able to impress judges? G.: Let's see, I think so. Tika: And in front of such huge audience! G.: Despite my age I decided to show my abilities Nika: Greetings, hello. G.: Hello, greetings! Nika: Introduce yourself. G.: Gulnazi Goletiani, from Tsageri. Nika: You traveled from Tsagri to Kutaisi? G.: Yes. Nika: What do you do in Tsageri? G.: I have three children, husband, family. Nika: Do you live in the village? G.: Yes, in the village named Kveda Tsageri. Nika: What do you do mostly during your day? G.: Taking care of my children is my main job. Maia: Do you have big farm? G.: Yes, how I manage... Nika: Do you have livestock? G.: Yes, few. Nika: And with all these you find time to sing G.: I try my best. Nika: Please The song starts G.: Thank you! Tika: This is so good! Oh, audience is standing! Nika: I could never imagine when you walked in, that your performance would have impressed me and audience so much G.: Than you very much Nika: You put your heart and soul in this great song and your voice sounds perfectly In spite of your daily housewife live and problems which village life has. this is your natural talent. It's sad, that you didn't choose this path in your life, you would have succeed. Maia: But you are the star of this day, indeed. G.: Thank you! Gega: I also didn't think when you entered, that it would be something special. It's second day we are here and We are really searching for something special and I think we found one of the very specials. G.: Thank you very much! I love you all! Thank you! Nika: Come back, come back! Maia: We haven't said [the final words]. Gega: The final desicion! Tika: I am surprised, really surprised! Nika: I. of course, say YES with great pleasure. Maia: I am happy and say YES Gega: Third YES. Congratulations, we'll be waiting on the next round. G.: Thank you! Thank you very much! Maia: I think we found the hero, cheers! It's juice, but still... Vaniko: I was speechless, indeed! Maia: It was so good! Nika: I had a rush of emotion, such that I wanted to cry. G.: Thank you! Vaniko: Congratulations! G.: Thank you!

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Duration: 7 minutes and 25 seconds
Country: Georgia
Language: Georgian
Producer: Rustavi2
Director: Nichieri
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Posted by: dodka on Feb 3, 2010

Georgia's Got Talent, Georgian Susan Boyle - Gulnazi Goletiani

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