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Karen berg Love the niegbor

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The topic this time will be on simple love. It is kind of difficult because simple love, what is that? What does that mean? Is there such a thing as a simple kind of love? Well take a look at a mother when she looks at her newborn baby. She has never seen that creature before. She does not know what it is, she does not know what it is going to become. She just loves it. How could she love it? I mean love what; this ball of flesh that screams and hollers and needs to be changed and fed? The answer is yes. Because that is a natural innate kind of love that is seeded far beyond our years. It is an instinct to be able to feel a closeness to our own flesh. So let us back up a little bit. We can see that a mother has this simple love for a child. What about people? Can people have the idea of just loving somebody for no reason; that there are people that are around us and surround us that we can open our hearts to and just give a little bit of ourselves? Love them for who they are. Love them for just being there for us. Just simple. And I do not know if the words that Rabbi Akiva says, "Love thy neighbour as thyself", I do not know if that is in our level of spirituality, if that is possible because we have not reached that level yet; to understand that all flesh is one. But we do know that the root source of the soul, the light, the internal part of us is basically hewn from the same rock. And therefore we need, each one of us to have that appreciation if you will the love, the yearning to grow those pieces of energy back to each other. And that is simple love. Just the idea of affording people their space, of allowing each one to to grow at their own level, to be there for them and with them, to teach when people want to be taught, and to be quiet and listen when people need an ear. It is not a simple concept. Simplicity is the most beautiful thing there is. And I have always said that if someone teaches you a concept, a Kabbalistic concept and it is convoluted and difficult and it takes them a long time to explain it, chances are he did not understand them himself Because truth is very simple. And the beauty, the naturalness of people to innately care for another human being generates that. I mean you see two people that never met each other and yet they seem to have a harmony with each other. They seem to be able to talk the same language, walk in the same place. These similarities are the things that join human beings together. So the truth is people say that love is not simple but there is all degrees, there is all levels of love. There is the love that comes between a brother and a sister that who knows, someday becomes love hate kind of a relationship. Husbands and wives can adore each other and five years later find themselves in a whole different circumstance. But that is not the kind of love that we are discussing. We are discussing the simple open heartedness that you feel when you walk into a house that is warm and inviting. It says welcome here. And tonight I think we will discuss those concepts of how we can get closer to the simpleness of life and learn appreciation and care for all things.

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