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Welcome to Kabbalah Two. Now is where the work starts. Process before was learning, applying, thinking. Now is the doing part. And because of that there may be a few bumps on the road. We are going to talk about tikkun, we are going to talk about our process in reaching our goals, and we are going to get many, many, different bits and pieces of knowledge. In the way to tools work and our support system. But all of that for this period of time, we must be aware and expect that we are going to meet challenges. And those challenges are the thing that make us stronger. Because how does one know when they are growing spiritually? By the way they handle life's workings. And in life's working there are always bumps in the road. There is always that thing I didn't think about. There is always that thing that comes from the left field. But the more you learn, the more you grow, the harder the weight will be for you to lift. But don't worry our teachers are well prepared for you. They are there to guide you and help you to lift you over those bumps and to make it better for you. But let me just tell you why it is so important for you to connect to your teacher. Let's go back from the very beginning to Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai. Who spent thirteen years in a cave, but not by himself with his son Rabbi Eliazar. Let's go forward, to our time to Rabi Ashlag. Who had a few students but had a main student that was Rabi Brandwein. Who he spent most of his time learning, teaching and so Rabi Brandwein was able to create his writings. Fast forward to the future. There was the Rav who learned with his teacher who was Rabi Brandwein. And here's a little bit of a story that I hope you will enjoy. On one of the first meetings that the Rav was together with his teacher. His teacher lived in Israel, he lived in the United States and the Rav was taking a trip to Israel to learn with his teacher. He makes the journey, knocks at the door opens this apartment and Rabi Brandwein greets him with 'Oh, I am so happy that you are here we have all these books we need to pack and send abroad. It's wonderful to have your help.' And of course the Rav stood there like, it's not what I came here for, I came here to learn. I came here to develop all kinds of intellectual pursuit. Somebody is knocking on your door today. This is the time when you are going to be asked to do the work. To take what you have learned and put it into your daily life and to make that happen And your teacher will be there for you, to help you learn. Because they have been given that insight because they have done these classes over and over again. For people like you so that they can help you go over those bumps more smoothly. And the end of this story is a very simple thing. Once Rabi Ashlag was invited to a group and in that group there was a man that Rabi Ashlag approached and said to him, 'I wish you a tremendous amount of success on your road.' And the man said 'You are Rabi Ashlag, you know that I am an atheist. So how can you wish me success on my road?' He says 'I know you are an atheist. I am wishing you success to find your path so that you can come back to certainty and to the Light.' All of you that are watching this video I wish you success on you path.

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Posted by: asamsky on Jun 11, 2012

Intor to Power of Kabbalah Level 2

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