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Up in the Air with Anna Kendrick

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So very nice to meet you. Thank you! Great job in the movie. I had a few questions and they are REALLY specific Ok, so Madonna song at the tech conference karaoke...was that your choice? How many takes? It's not that's not is that a, it's a Cyndi Lauper song. Time after time. See there you go Actually it was, it was between time after time and take my breath away, and I really fought for 'Time After Time' Very good. So the fight over the Amelie-esque gnomes, like my t-shirt. It was about a crowd-sourced map of the USA, all that stuff. You seemed to not really like Amelie, or you hadn't seen it in the movie, were you trying to be difficult? Or what was going on there? No I think Natalie's just trying to be difficult. I think it had nothing to do with Amelie, I think it's just her being a brat Ok so this is going to sound crazy. I think this is Fight Club meets Scrooged meets Juno meets Office Space meets Grosse Point Blank and American Psycho. That doesn't sound crazy. Is that, is that way off? Or would you add one or subtract one? No I think that's a, a great list of insane but great list of films to be compared to. You got dumped by a text. Yes Why not step it up and dump him back, or dump the company back via Twitter? Oh, I I don't know! I mean I think Natalie is trying to maintain some shred of dignity after all that she's been through. So, trying to do it quickly and quietly and NOT on Twitter. I don't think Natalie has the patience for Twitter. Ok! Fair enough, thanks a lot!

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Posted by: toms on Dec 13, 2009

My 1 minute Q&A chat with Anna Kendrick on AA flight to LAX after watching a sneak preview of Up in the Air.

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