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DIGITAL TECHNOLOGIES greetings my name is Melissa cluck ler about digital technologies for teaching there sometimes it's nice to know what as an educational technology PhD student professional educational technologist in won't see me do is merely talk over PowerPoint I'm coming to you from the Spain traditional public research institution 20,000 students in programs ranging from medical college and a college of law students are online we are a blackboard management system that we use we are a institution there are actually multiple management system and there are several are industry standard such as canvas study of what we do at the University of good design translate no matter what you are using to deliver instruction now software to augment the learning use plugins like respondus products lockdown browser and these two pieces of testing at a distance mate and with a study mate campus plugs right into the blackboard LMS it management systems and is a generator of nature and what's nice is it stays right to have a separate login to use them and that license another plug-in we use we active learning platform and our lecture to actually capture this lecture for all now we also use Blackboard Collaborate blackboard LMS it also plugs into other even though it is a blackboard product conferencing software which is very we can use this for virtual office hours sessions you can use it in group work real-time communication so in the actually having a session with my dog presentation English proverb that you can't teach an wrong more than once for example I 5 years old he raised that Bell for a time but now he rings it this proverb is that is hard to teach somebody new ways their teaching to an online environment teaching methods that they know that familiar with and largely a lot of the an online learning virtual environments they were taught how to teach so it's tools so that is largely what my job is technologist this is our active learning host hands-on faculty development they learn how to use the technologies well received as those trainings are that we offer faculty development is blackboard now this online version of still in development stages and it's educational technology and instructional our UT online division which is our teaching online or using technology technologists like myself teach faculty technicians we also handle tear to software providers like blackboard or software or an issue that cannot be instructional designers who help faculty using the QM course design rubric this is online course design it has eight standards I am myself QM certified we also in the process of developing a also teach here at the University of from the beginning in addition to it teaching with blackboard so the idea course is that it offers a series of ala take to augment their skills or learn on like our workshops and our online courses they say that they can't commit such busy and fluctuating schedules so that they can do at their own pace on behind the development of BB 101 so we idea here is we have a metaphor for use the tools in the blackboard kitchen little metaphor that we're using there engaging and fun to keep their attention time they can do that over over multiple if they want to we are writing learning creating we have very specific outcomes between the technical and the quality online instruction now the one blackboard basics which is not nearly as probably the longest module that I'm tedious screenshots a lot of imagery graphics quiz to test their knowledge as well as kitchen so the Test Kitchen is actually faculty member will get their own when a self enrolled course and they can then their little test course that we provide that it teaches faculty the technology serving as model instruction that we to see them using the online environment as a strong example we are providing so they can see it modeled in less of a actual class that's offered here at the permission of the instructor and the has actually one blackboard awards been one of the reasons that we chose it but move through this at their own pace in a and again this is a partnership between design in some other areas in corporate have to serve as the technologist and really separate that out here because we strong online presence and then another designers at the University of Toledo educational technologists like myself we because blackboard can be used even for University of Toledo when it's put into that faculty can use for that particular blended learning environment if they assignments assessments all in the email tools out there they can put their students to find even for there in much paper we know that students use they can use the mobile app to look at their professors office number and that if we're going to offer this same environment that the faculty will not only teaching with blackboard but management systems for professional corporate world is another place that designer or educational technologist another important stakeholder in the and learning is this student however about institutional innovation and they don't even know what the innovation work is even though it's we decided to do at the University of and I am the lead for that board I organized. students once a month last year of my outcomes, so I put out some discussion boards discussion boards for the students two talked about the worst online class you've ever taken. And guess which discussion board everybody participated in? it the worst online class I've ever what made the online learning experience learning, they noticed if they're only reading from book and just taking publisher tests and this lower achievement of learning results in lower achievement as well they want a more know it's possible they also notice the kind of what's become popular in online teaching teaching and learning or virtual answer that everybody in the class has to answer to answer and they have to come up with meaningful conversation between the students, students it does not really mimic what So, they really urge the idea of content related forums that add meaning and of having an open forum for general questions. think about in the actual learning "hey, what did the professor mean by that, or how did you interpret that when does that do problem you can ask those questions in asynchronous environment. discussion forum creates that open is just as important in the online environment. now when I was a student in grade school I walked into the classroom and I saw all the reading, from all the lectures, that I would be able to get a different view and understanding from day the same is true in online real-life portrayals and it alleviates learning difficulties from excessive reading, which has kind of become hallmark of online courses it all also context remember when we talked in about they notice when there's only one entertaining to use video and that's actually one actually one of the reasons you'll see I'm going to insert video demonstrations and I use humorous pictures because I want to keep trap you in a classroom with me like I with me in the online environment? I have thought to that so that's some of what available by email if you ever have any Melissa Leclerc at you Toledo you I should be officially doctor sometime next year, hopefully by the end of fall 2019 but I another 20 years before I can retire, so, please, don't hesitate to reach out, if I can be of service or assistance to you. Thank you so much.

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