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Skype Explained Visually

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Let's say you have a friend - we'll call him Jack - who is somewhere else. He could be in town, cross-country or even overseas, but you need to communicate with him. You could reach him the old-fashioned and expensive way phone him, fax him, or mail him something. But if Jack has Internet access, you can just use Skype. Skype is a little piece of free software that you download to your PC or Mac and it does a bunch of amazing stuff. You can talk directly to him on Skype, for free, anywhere in the world. Telephone calls sound like this, but Skype calls sound like this, and you can even reach him on this (mobile) or this (telephone) if his computer is off by voice or text, at amazing rates. If you want to see him live Skype does that, too. Most new computers have Webcams built right in and Skype gives you free HD videoconferencing. Hi Jack! Skype is also great for working remotely. You can just drag and drop files into Skype and transfer them - directly and securely and FAST! No more emailed files - YAY! What's really cool - you can screen-share, so Jack can sort of 'look over your shoulder' from around the globe! And if you and Jack want to have your own worldwide group call Skype lets you conference-call 25 people at once. even a mix of Skype and phones. Skype works on every computer and most smart phones too! With Skype, the Internet becomes your phone and file transfer and chat and videoconferencing system for talking and working with people. Your friends and co-workers are now just a click away. Take a deep breath! Think of a friend - like Jack. anywhere in the world. get Skype - and set your conversations free! Say It Visually!

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Duration: 2 minutes and 16 seconds
Year: 2009
Country: United States
Language: English
Producer: Say It Visually!
Director: Matthew Dunn
Views: 625
Posted by: sayitvisually on Jun 29, 2009

A simple visual explanation of Skype, the voice-file-screen-videoconference application for computers and smartphones.

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