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Desteni Presents This Interdimensional Portal Interview Realizing Fear Sucks The Solution When Realizing Fear Sucks 26 November 2007 This is the solution when realizing that FEAR SUCKS As I've been explained And given perspective in the: design of fearing your own fear I would urge upon each one viewing this very interview to observe their lives experience with regards to fear Now, it's interesting that you will find extensive or maybe not so extensive fears existing within you, within you exist as you participate and experience your self within this world Now, an interesting question would be to ask: But why do I have this fears? Where do this fears come from? Why do I believe this fears? Why do I except and allowe my self to exist within this fears? Now, it's interesting that all fears are related to loss, meaning fear of loss, fear of losing somethig and that losing something is connected to multiple variables within you and your world For instance, the most prominent is fear of death Which is intriguing in it self from the perspective that all human beings are aware that they are and will be dying. Eventually, naturally, the time, place and how is unknown But yet, human beings choose to exist in constant and continous fear of death for the remainder of their lives until they eventually die Or, there are other fears, being in a car accident, losing children losing family members losing money, losing relationship, losing friendships It is fascinating, and then what happens, that fear manifests Because fear create. Why, because you have defined you according to this fear existing within you which you give power and life to as the essence of you self and the you create and manifest that very nature you have allowed and accepted you're self to be one with and equal to And even if it doesn't happen within your "own life experience" It will balance it self out within another beings life experience within this world So, human beings Realize that all fears are conected to the one fear, which is fear of death Live as the freedom of expression as who you are in every moment of every breath Otherwise if you constantly and continously exist in fear, you are trapped an enslaved in the past and in the future, within the present moment Then you are not here as the presence of your self in every moment of every breath, but fear of death is coming from those that have gone before you, that exist in the past But you are projecting in to the future, and so you are constantly in the present and now of consciousness, which is enslaved here in the past and in the future Human beings, realize the actual stupidity of fear Fear is an enslavement model of the mind primarily used to keep you enslaved and trapped in the past and the future to not remain here as breath as a presence of you to actually live you How are you able to live in every moment as a freedom of expression as you with no fear, in any way what so ever, but here as you are If you are stuck in the past and in the future enslaved in the present of the now and consciousness And then when you die, you realize I'm still here, the fear that I have been existing within for my entire life, for most of my life wich bounded me, wich limited me wich kept me in the confinements of my controled enviroment was not necesarry It's not real When you cross over you realize, I'm still here And then you realize, really, that fear, really sucks Especially if you allow it to control and limit and bind and enslave you within this world, and that you have not allowed and accepted your self to give your self the opportunity to accually live And that you had an emotions such fear of the mind enslave you, hold you back to not live. I would suggest realize this here in this life than having to cross over and literally knock your own head Because of the stupidity of allowing fear to influence who you are as the expression of you in every moment of every breath. Thank you very much ! Please join us for discussions at Forums To Receive Regular Interview updates Join Beyond the grave: For more messages from the Recently Departed and MISSING CHILDREN visit:

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Posted by: jesperhultkrantz on Oct 30, 2009

The solution when realizing that fear sucks.

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