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10 ways to save energy

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Your 10 Commitments to saving 20% Commitment 1. Here is an easy way to stop waste. If you boil just enough water to make one quick cup of tea instead of fill the entire kettle. We can save enough electricity to power 2 thousand of the UK's street lighting. Surely spec to no stay in the dark. Commitment 2. Turn down the heating. Just one degree cooler could cut your heating bill by 10% And your never noticed. Commitment 3. You know all this lovely electronics gadgets that make our lives more pleasurable like TV, DVD and computers. Don't live their most time stand-by. Switch them Off It's maybe sounds crazy But almost billions pounds in electricity is wasted every year, by people not doing this. Commitment 4. Heat rises ........... at the top ..... heating.... isolation. So, if you haven't got it, get it. If you have, make sure is 10 inches thick. Half homes in th UK needs isolation topping up. Commitment 5. Thing how many people is it take to change a light bulb? Well none if you are energy saving one. Their live almost twelve time longer than your average light bulb. ..... if every house ... just one... The ..... will fill royal house almost two thousand times. Commitment 6 Don't burn .... your pocket That probable what your boiler is doing. If is more than fifteen years old, you can save a third of your heating bill. Commitment 7 ... is easy When is time to replacing your ... Just choose one with this symbol on them. That use less energy, .... less impact on the envrioment, and ... cheep ... Commitment 8 It takes more time to make a .. of bread.... ... to isolate the cavity walls in a average house. ... three hours. Haven't it done can also ... your heating bill. Commitment 9 Turn down the temperature on your washing machine. ... 40% less energy. And finally, when you...side off your home... in the car, take a little exercise.... too. If we all left the car at home and walk or cycling ... journey. We save enough carbon oxide to fill Over a 123 Stadiums. !! You know is very clear that making all kind of consent a sensible decisions. Just by thinking about the way we use the energy at home. We can reduce the impact on environment. And the mood we made decisions. The moods changing feels less than compromise. More like improvement to a way of life. ... brain ... isn't it. Commit to Saving Your 20% Today.

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Posted by: vimora on Aug 15, 2007

Naomi Cleaver presents 10 ways to reduce your carbon emissions at home. They are all easy and will save you money, so take a look.

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