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Брайан Трейси - Простые правила успеха 01

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I have a good news for you. We are living at the very best time in all of Russian history. There are more possibilities and opportunities for the future than have ever existed before. And more people are going to achieve greater financial success than ever in history. And your job is to be one of those people. And our job is to help you to get there. Is that a good goal? How can you tell who a person really is inside? How can you tell what their real goals are? How can you tell what their values or their beliefs are? Is it what they say? Is it what they write? How can you tell? Only by what they do. Only what you do tells what is inside you. And because you have come here today that means that inside you is great success. We say that you are a successful person looking for a place to habit. How many people here would like to double their income? If I gonna show you how to do that today will you try? I know that everyone will double their income if you live long enough. The average income increases at about 3% per year. So, if you work for 22 more years... ... with compound interest... ... you'll double your income. :) Is that what you want? Net! Net! Ahaha... :))) When do we want to double our income!? Here is two things that I discovered: Your income is largely determined by yourself. Most people think their income is determined by outside factors. But most of your income is determined by yourself. It's determined by the things that you do... ... and by the things that you don't do. And sometimes the things that you don't do can be more important than the things that you do. And no one is smarter than you. You have more intelligence and abilities than you can use in 100 lifetimes. You've heard it said that the average person only uses 10% of their potential. Experts today say we only use 2%. If you could use 10% you could increase your income 5 times. Your thinking has the greatest consequences of all. Because the quality of your thinking determines the quality of your decisions. And that determines the quality of your actions, and that determines the quality of your results, and a quality of your life. But what they have discovered is this: The more words you know in your language the better you think, because you can combine them to create better thoughts. So, in every society the "top people" are the ones that have the best vocabulary. And so they can think better thoughts and make better decisions. Now, next to words are ideas. And ideas are combinations of words. And the world is pretty controled by ideas - good ideas or bad ideas. If you have good ideas you'll be successful and happy. If you have bad ideas you'll be unsuccessful and unhappy. So, what we teach you is a lot of great ideas. And sometimes one of this ideas can change your thinking forever. So I have another question for you: Who is the most important person in this room? Yes. And that's correct. YOU ARE the most imortant person in this room. How important you feel you are determines the quality of your life. If you feel important you are much happier person. If you feel important and valuable you set bigger goals for yourself. You persist longer im pursuit of those goals. Your self image is better. You have better attitude. And you are far more successful. = subtitles by UniBreakfast =

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Duration: 7 minutes and 3 seconds
Country: Russia
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Producer: Брайан Трейси
Director: Брайан Трейси
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Posted by: unibreakfast on Dec 7, 2009

01 Новые времена. Все зависит только от вас

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