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The Canterville Ghost. Oscar Wilde (Part II)

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It's those blasting twins again! They're impossible! What am I going to do with these people? They're too ignorant to be scared... What seems to be the matter, Mr Ghost? Aren't you feeling well? Don't talk to me! You're supposed to scream and run away. Here. Watson's tonic makes you feel harmonic! She's just like the rest of them. That does it! Bang! Bang! Bang! A dog or a grouch? Oh, good! A doggie! Just like the ghost! Bang! Bang! You're dead! Of course I'm dead, you twins! I'm a ghost! Give me that! I should get it! I'm the one who thought of the big ghost! I'm the one who grabbed it! It's mine! Gimme! Gimme! I said give it to me! I'm the one who scared him! No! It's mine! Oh, oh, oh... What... can... I... do?... This family is driving me bananas... Lubricant for my chains... Medicine for my dead body... and these two nasty little boys... I'm lost... And I failed... Me! Simon Canterville! The most celebrated ghost in all England! Why, I can remember when children would faint when they heard my name. What has happened to me? Have I lost forever the ability to scare people out of their wits? Is this not a scary thing I see before me? Maybe not scary enough, I must think. Now I've got it! I'll give them Ruthless Rupert the cruel! Cavalier! No... Ah! This has to scare even Americans! I'll do the Headless Earl! Ha ha ha! This is not working... It's not working at all. This is so embarrassing... A green bloodstain... What have I come to?! Ah! So that's why the paints have been disappearing from my box. You've been using them to replace that stupid stain! Why? Why with green paint? Whoever heard of green blood? And what else, pray tell, was I to do? You were all out of red paint and it's not so easy to get real blood these days. Bless you! Thank you very much. Anyway, since it was your father's wretched stain remover that removed the stain I thought to use your paints to replace it. I must say I found it terribly rude of him to keep erasing my work. You are the one who's been rude. Scaring us and making a nuisance of yourself. A nuisance you say! But it's my job to walk around clanking my chains, scaring people. It's what I do... Is it true that you killed your wife right on this spot? I'm afraid so... A fit of passion. She was very beautiful but very unfaithful. I was actually quite with pleased with her. Oh... Until the end, that is... And now I regret it... I want peace after all these years. Three hundred years! Three hundred years without sleeping! I am so weary... Three hundred years?? Three hundred years. I'm very sorry for you. Have you seen this? Do you know what this means? No, I don't. It means that if an innocent young soul would take pity on me and help me I can leave this castle forever and my soul will rest in the almond tree in the courtyard. But you must come with me. You're sure I haven't frightened you? No. I will help you. Don't go, little Virginia. Don't go... Beware... Don't go with him, Virginia. Beware... Come, Virginia. I have found her! The one who will help me find peace! Thank you, Virginia! Thank you and thank you. Hey, the bloodstain's back! Oh no! Don't worry about it. We'll get him! We sure will! We'll use those boxing gloves on us! Yeah! Good idea! No, you won't be using anything on him, my brothers. I have helped the poor ghost to find peace and he's left the castle forever. He is gone. Gone forever, you say! A good thing I didn't pay extra for him or you'd be in a lot of trouble. I can tell you that! And from now on, you boys will stop scaring the ghost away. This place isn't worth half as much without him! If the English really need to be scared, the twins can do a fine job. I'm sure you're right. They're enough to scare an army of ghosts. And it's all because you spoil them too much! Oh look! Look, everybody! Yeah, look! Come here! I can't believe it! Neither can I! Something strange is happening. You gotta see this! Look at the almond tree! Oh, my! Would you look at that! And I thought that thing was dead! Simon Canterville has found peace at last.

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Duration: 7 minutes and 54 seconds
Country: Spain
Language: English
Genre: Animated
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Posted by: pilarmham on Oct 18, 2013

Animated story in two parts. Adapted by G. Munblit and S. H. Robertson.

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