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Found in Translation

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Dispatcher, 911. Uh…I need help, please… Need ambulance…my wife… *Inaudible*...she is pregnant. Uh huh. She is...*Inaudible* Is it that her water broke? Uh huh. Is the baby coming? Yeah, yeah. Ok, do you see any part of the baby? Um, apartment seven. Ok, un momento. Gracias. Thank you. DIALING... Thank you for calling. My name is Sheila. May I please have your client ID number? Thank you very much. May I please verify the name of your organization? City of Winchester. For what language, ma’am? Spanish. Thank you very much, ma'am. Two-zero. *Inaudible* How may I help you? I have a male on the line. I believe he’s saying his problem with his wife is that she’s pregnant. Need to know what that problem is. Certainly, ma’am. Buenas noches, señor. Soy un intérprete para español. ¿Cuál es el problema con su esposa? ¿Ella está embarazada? Ella sí está embarazada y ya tiene...fuimos al hospital hace rato... ...pero nos regresaron y ahorita ya quiere, quiere dar a luz. Ma’am, he's saying that she is pregnant. They went to the hospital and they asked them to go back... ...but at this moment he's saying that he believes that she's in labor. Ok, is there any part of the baby out? I need him to look. Señor, necesitamos que usted se fije. ¿Alguna parte del bebé ya salió? Ella dice que se siente la cabeza pero no, no se ve nada. He says that she can feel the head, but he cannot see anything. Ok, has her water broke? Señor, ¿ella ya rompió fuente? Dice que sí. *Inaudible* líquido. He's saying that yes. She's started showing some fluid. Ok, I'm going to go ahead and dispatch them on the way... ...but I want to keep him on the phone and I want him to keep an eye on... see if she feels like she has to go to the bathroom... ...or if he starts seeing any part of the head coming out. Señor, ya se va a despachar la ayuda. Quiero hacerle saber que la ayuda ya va en camino... ...pero se tiene que mantenerse en el teléfono con nosotros... ...para que nos mantenga informados si ella se siente como que quiere ir al baño... ...o si usted puede ver alguna parte de la cabeza. Ok, sí. He said ok. Ok, I'm just going to talk on the radio. La oficial va ir a hablar en la radio, señor. Ok, gracias. Ok, does she, ask him if she has any urge... feel like she has to go the bathroom or bear down. Señor, pregúntele si ella siente ganas como de ir al baño. Ok, un minuto. ¿Sientes ganas de ir al baño? Dice que sí. He's saying yes. She wants to go... ...she feels like going to the bathroom. Ok, well make sure he does not let her go. Just have her stay where she's at. Certainly. Señor, usted no puede dejar que ella vaya al baño. Ella tiene que quedarse donde ella está. Ya no quiere. Siente ganas de empujar, dice. He says that she feels like pushing. Ok, um, I need you to tell him with each contraction... ...I need you to press the palm of her hand against the vagina.. ...and apply firm, gentle pressure in case the baby's head starts to come out. Señor, necesitamos darle instrucciones. Cuando usted siente las contracciones... ...usted tiene que presionar la palma de su mano, de la mano de ella... ...contra la vagina para ver si la cabeza del bebé sale. Sí, sí. Ok, I just need to let him know, let me know... ...if there's any other changes such as the head completely comes out... or any change in like blood or anything. Señor, necesitamos también que usted nos informe cualquier cambio que ocurra... ...por ejemplo, si la cabeza sale de *Inaudible* o si hay sangre y orine. MOANING... Ok, he just needs to reassure her, they are on their way. They will be there shortly and I just need him to keep an eye on for the crowning. Certainly. ¿Señor? Se siente la cabeza. ¿Sí? Necesito que usted le diga a su señora que ya la ayuda va en camino... ...pero tenemos que estar pendientes por si acaso corona el bebé, la cabeza corona. Sí, se siente la cabeza ya. He's saying that he can feel the head. Ok, the head feels like it's coming out? Señor, ¿se siente como que la cabeza estuviera saliendo? Sí, se siente. Hello? Hey, if you need the translator, she's still on the phone. I need a translator. And you can pass it between them and I'll try to get one to meet you all there or at the hospital. Well, let me talk to her right here, right now. Ok ma’am. I just need to ask her some basic questions for her real quick so I can leave. Ok ma’am, the medic's on the line. Certainly. Hey, you there? Ask her, ok, she says that uh... ...ask her if she's having, um, ask her the basic questions. Is this her first pregnancy? Any complications with the pregnancy? Um, has she seen any baby parts or anything like that? Um, anything like that. Ok. Certainly, sir. You've gotta give her a second, she's having a contraction. Ok. ¿Sí? ¿Señor? ¿Sí? ¿Señora? ¿Señor? El señor les quiere preguntar si este es el primer embarazo. Sí, el primer embarazo. Gracias. ¿Ha habido complicaciones con el embarazo? Um, tell her I need to do just a quick visual inspection of the vagina area. Ok? Certainly, certainly. Hold on, here she is. ¿Señora? ¿Bueno? Señora, él tiene que hacerle una inspección en el área... ...para ver cómo está la situación en estos momentos. -Ok. Señora ¿Usted ha tenido complicaciones con este embarazo? -No. ¿El embarazo se ha llevado a término, los nueve meses? -Sí. ¿Sí? -Los nueve meses. Nueve meses. Gracias. ¿Usted ha sentido alguna parte del bebé? -¿Cómo? ¿Usted ha sentido que ha salido alguna parte del bebé? -Sí. ¿Qué parte? -No sé. Creo que su cabecita. Gracias. ¿Me pasa al señor, por favor? -Uh huh. Ok. It is her first pregnancy, no complications. No complications. She has nine months. Nine months, first pregnancy. And she believes that it is, she has felt the head. She believes what? And no complications. That she has felt, the part of the baby that she felt is the head. Ok. She believes it's the head. Ok. Did you tell her about that I needed to do a brief inspection? I told her, that was the first thing I told her. Ok. Alright, I'm going to let you talk to her again. Tell her again that I'm going to take her, remove her pants just for a moment... ...and just going to take a visual observation. Ok? Certainly, sir. Just tell her that again, ok. Here she is. Yes, sir. ¿Bueno? Señora, el paramédico tiene que quitarle las pantaletas... ...para hacerle una inspección visual rápida. Vamos a tener el parto allí. Necesito que puje. En este momento, le va a quitar las pantaletas... ...para poder hacer una inspección visual rápida de la situación. -Ok. ¿Está bien? -Um hm. Ok, she understands that? She said yes, ok. Ok, I’m just going to take a quick peek here. Hold the phone. Ooh, oh, oh, oh. Alright, I gotta go. Ma’am, I'm still here in case he needs to come back. Ok, we're delivering the baby. Ok, I need you to tell her to push. Certainly. Here. ¿Señora? Could you tell her to push please? Yes, ma'am. Señora, necesito que empuje. -¿Huh? Señora, necesito que empuje. Vamos a tener el parto allí. Necesito que puje. -Ok. Puje señora...puje señora. BABY CRYING... Ok, we now, note the time and we now have two patients. The baby has been born. Ok, I've noted two patients. Ok, thank you.

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Found in Translation

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