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Big Data for the Real World

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Big Data. You’ve heard the hype. You’ve read the articles. But what is Big Data?! It’s a deluge of information from endless sources. And it’s not just one type of data. It’s new data. It’s traditional data. At Dell, we cut through the hype and just call it what it is “data” because we know that the challenges you face encompass all types of data. And you can make data the lifeblood of your business. There are some down and dirty business issues that have to be dealt with. Collaboration between business and IT is critical because Data initiatives can get derailed without clearly defined business goals and metrics. Managing volumes of complex data strains limited resources as your people, systems and tools can’t keep up. Data silos create costly inefficiency and data governance and quality problems, and limit business teams’ access to systems and data. Dell’s approach offers the choice and flexibility you need to align and prioritize Big Data initiatives on your terms while providing open and modular infrastructure solutions that allow you to leverage what you have and cost effectively build for the future. Our data management and analytics tools enable you to tackle silos to connect the intelligence in the organization to quickly deliver secure, self-service access to the data and analytics essential for smarter, quicker decisions. Dell offers a comprehensive Big Data solutions portfolio to enable your success now. We have the expertise and capabilities to help you cut through the hype and make data the lifeblood of your organization.

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Posted by: ralph_jung on Apr 27, 2015

Big Data for the Real World

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