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Kabbalah 1 Europe - Promo 1

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Hi guys. We would love to invite you to a life changing course Kabbalah Level 1 that will start on September 15th. So, when you say life changing what exactly do you mean? For me, I started to study Kabbalah 20 years ago. And it truly helped me to find my own truth and the path of my soul in this world. And we know that many times we live community's dreams, our parents dreams but not really connecting to our own truth, to our own soul. So for me, that was my diamond with Kabbalah. What's for you? Oh I thought you'll never ask. So, when I think about Kabbalah, what Kabbalah means for me that the fact, what Kabbalists are teaching us that this world is based on perfection, joy and happiness. And when we look outside, or even when we look at our own lives that's not what necessarily we find. so... the reason for that is because we need to tune our consciousness and we need to use certain rules that can open up for us this perfect beautiful universe that is based on love, joy, happiness and sharing. So, basically we are going to receive many many tools to connect us to the real reality. Exactly. If you saw those kinds of movies like Matrix, or Alice in Wonderland, there is one reality and than suddenly this gate open up and you see a totally different reality magical, beautiful reality. That's.. that's for me what Kabbalah is all about. Amazing. So join us to Zoom out and look differently at your life. Looking forward to meeting you on 15th of September. See you there. Be there. Ciao.

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Michal and Yosef Shneor

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