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"If only there was one more of me, everything would be easier" My patience is wearing out as days spin by me My brain is whirling and even in an entire year absolutely nothing is getting done Even though others have helped me out As the hour hand spins so do my eyes I've lost my heart to praise and admiration I've messed up everything "Ah, If only there was one more of me..." Shall I erase this impossible dilemma of yours? A fake, fake, imitation Wait a moment, what's this? Look It's a revolutionary situation I'm happy, happy, so happy I can't stop A fake, fake, imitation Come on, I'll substitute for you Our behavior will be exactly the same! I feel kinda impulsive Ah! (laugh) (laugh) (LAUGH) I can't stop! God, I'm sorry for cheating! The ability to do as you please, and an all-year long vacation Leave all the annoying stuff to me, I'm fully automatic Ah! Today is clear skies as well Let's face it together, friends! I'll become your hands and your feet The best future, and an accepted premise What, its kinda cliched? Nonsense! The popular kid who everyone envies the glittering, shining one Who's the most liked in her class, Hey, wasn't it me? A fake, fake, imitation Wait a moment, what's this? Look Where's the fake? They're not here here here I don't know A fake, fake, imitation Hey, have you stolen the place I belong? As you play around, disguised as me Ah! You look exactly like me, There's almost no difference... God, I'm sorry for cheating! The price for creating a fake gimmick is for the future, future, future, to be erased "Realize who is 'real' already" I am right here A fake, fake, imitation Wait a moment, What's this? Look Reason ripped away, a gashing wound Ah! I'm scared scared scared It won't stop! A fake, fake, imitation the fourteenth me laughs There's no 'real' you, right? Ah! Is this retribution retribution I don't know! As a fake, I fall and struggle As a fake, I warp and flounder God, I'm sorry for cheating!

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Language: English
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Posted by: worldsenddancehall on Mar 25, 2018


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