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3153R.TSD How to use a T34 Syringe Pump

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Hello. A syringe pump is used to deliver medications subcutaneously over a 24 hour period, when oral administration is problematic. All staff who use a syringe pump must attend the compulsory training. This video will act as a reminder of the important points from your training. Please refer to the standard operating procedure for a full explanation. Within the hospital setting, the syringe pump must be set up by at least one registered nurse, with a second registered person to witness and sign for the medication. In the community, a second signatory is not a requirement. You should employ an Aseptic Non-Touch Technique throughout the procedure. Draw up the medication into the syringe, as per the prescription. Attach a completed drug additive label but do not obscure the scale on the syringe or the sensor on the barrel clamp. To begin; insert the battery and switch on the pump by holding the ON/OFF button. A preprogrammed start up sequence will appear on the screen. Lift the barrel arm clamp, turn it 180 degrees and push down. Press the “info” and then the “YES” buttons to check the remaining battery power: this must be at least 35%. Once pre-loading is complete, visually align the 2 syringe sensors against the syringe, using the “fast-forward” and “back” keys to adjust. Load the syringe with the flange facing downwards. Replace the barrel clamp. The LCD screen will indicate if the syringe is loaded properly. Check that the pump has correctly identified the syringe brand and size, and confirm this by pressing YES. If it is incorrect, use the up and down arrows to select the appropriate brand and size. Check the LCD screen for the correct duration which should be 24 hours, and the volume of infusion. Press YES to confirm. The screen will display ‘start infusion’ but do not start the infusion yet. Instead, lift and turn the barrel arm to remove the prepared syringe from the pump. Gently prime the infusion line, being careful not to waste any of the solution. Reload the syringe into the pump device using the “Forward” button to move the syringe plunger. Check the LCD screen to confirm correct placement. As before, check that the device has correctly identified the syringe brand and size. Confirm by pressing “Yes”. The screen will then display the following message. “Press YES to resume, No for New Syringe”. You should press “YES” to resume the same programme. Pressing NO will delete the programme and recalculate what is left in the syringe. Check the LCD screen for the correct duration and volume of infusion. These values will be different from what was originally in the syringe because you have primed the line. Once you have inserted the subcutaneous cannula in the patient, the infusion can then be attached and started by pressing “YES” to confirm, followed by “YES” to start the infusion. “Pump delivering” should appear on the screen and the green light will flash intermittently. To lock the keypad whilst the pump is infusing, press and hold the “info” key until the progress bar has moved completely across the screen. A beep confirms lock activation. Repeat this to unlock the keypad. The whole syringe pump can be placed in the lock box and locked with the key. To set up a new infusion, draw up the new medication into a syringe as before, remembering to attach a completed drug additive label. Deactivate the keypad lock. Once unlocked, press the “info” button twice to check the battery power. Press “stop”, lift the barrel clamp and remove the existing syringe. Replace with the new syringe, checking the LCD screen to confirm correct placement. Press “YES” once the correct syringe brand and size have been identified. The LCD screen will display two options as before. “Press YES to resume, No for New Syringe”. This time press “NO” and a new 24 hour duration and volume of infusion will appear on the screen. Press YES to confirm. Press YES to start the infusion. Ensure that “pump delivering” is displayed on the screen and that the green light is flashing intermittently. You should never remove a partially full syringe from the pump if it is still connected to the patient because you risk inadvertently injecting a bolus of medication. If you want to stop the infusion before the syringe is empty, press stop and disconnect the infusion line at the syringe end first. If you have any questions about using a syringe pump, speak to a senior nurse.

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