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ABC & Paul Harcourt MASTER

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What do you think happens when we pray thy kingdom come, your kingdom come? Whatever language we use to pray it in. Well I’ve always understood the prayer to be asking God to come and be king. Asking him to rule and reign and just coming back to that place where things are the way he wants them to be and that has to happen in me, you know I need that first and foremost, I need to be praying that for myself more than anything else But I would love to see it in others others, because I know the joy that prayer brings when Jesus is at the centre of our lives, where God is truly king over us, Things go, they don't always go, they are not always easy, but they go well. But I think there's that overflow as well, The kingdom of God is more than just the individual coming back into relationship with God, but it's God's transformation that he calls us to be part of as well. It's inside of us and is outside of us. Now you see your, I’ve been talking with various church leaders about this and the common themes have been words like transformation, within us and outside us. Which is extraordinary. And that seems to imply to me that when we pray thy kingdom come we are both inviting, requesting, seeking God to do something, but we're also making ourselves available to do something. Is that right? I think so. I think we're not Crusaders where we think the world is wrong and we're going to change it. [Absolutely] We start off by recognising that we need to be transformed ourselves but when we experience grace there is always an overflow. When we are loved, we love. When we are forgiven, we forgive. When we know we've received, we want to release. So there is always that sense in which - Lord come and bring revival, but start with me. [Yes absolutely] And when you come back life that you give is going to overflow to others. ...and it's interesting too that you said you know it's setting things right, it’s the rule of God which when it is completed with the return of Christ is complete, nothing will be wrong. But you and I, we both know, in different ways within our own lives have experienced pain and difficulty and things that people look at they think that's difficult, that's really hard. How do you see when we pray thy kingdom come, is that a contradiction with what we are praying or how do you see that working? It's a difficult question. Well I think one of the things that we always believe in New Wine is that the kingdom is already here, but it's coming, so Jesus said that the kingdom is in our midst but he taught us pray for the kingdom to come. So we are always living in this foretaste. We're getting glimpses and that means that as we are experiencing difficulty or pain or suffering or living with people who haven't been fully healed physically, or mentally, or emotionally, that what we are seeing is, were seeing God breaking in. We are not necessarily seeing everything set right yet, but we know that He is with us and we know that He is helping us and we're seeing grace and gift in the middle of the pain and the process. One of the great Catholic theologians, says that the kingdom of God is creation restored, [Laughs] so there's this big picture of what we're moving towards. But we start where we are and that's one of the gifts of God, that He takes us as we are and he invites invites us into this glimpse. To glimpse now something that we will fully experience. That we are in process all that time. We’re being sustained on that journey through life by the sense of what one day will be complete. So we know God's goodness and God’s love will be fully seen at that point. One of the fascinating things about New Wine of course is that you've got Christians from all kinds of traditions come together and yet they're drawn together in different ways implicitly, explicitly, I can't remember a lot of liturgical prayer in New Wine in the 13 years I went there. I think “Come Holy Spirit” is probably the closest we get [laughs] I think you are probably right. But if you said to people do you sign up to the prayer Thy kingdom come, I think it goes across all our divisions [yes] and difficulties [Yes] Which to me is a very beautiful thing when I hear it here in the chapel and because we have so many nationalities and churches here, we say pray in your mother tongue. So you get this babel of languages, but they are all praying thy kingdom come. And I think when the kingdom comes we should expect it to come as well we're not praying only for that future state but we’re praying for the in-breaking of the kingdom now and that's what it is to be a Christian to walk by faith, not by sight, to live in the tension of not seeing everything, but to walk expectantly that God is good and his goodness will be shown through to us now.

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ABC & Paul Harcourt MASTER

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