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Speakers Bassam Aramin and Yonathan Shapira

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London England From London, we are absolutely honored to have with us tonight the two gentlemen you saw in that film, Yonathan Shapira and Bassam Aramin. Thank you both very much indeed for being here. Simon Marks - World News Correspondent I'd like to ask you about your decision to form Combatants for Peace, and Yonatan, in every way, this conflict has tested you and Bassam in very personal ways, hasn't it? Actually, I planned to say other things today, but unfortunately, just this morning, in a joined demonstration of Israelis and Palestinians took place in the West Bank against occupation, for peace, for coexistence and reconciliation. Yonatan Shapira - Combatants for Peace: In this demonstration, my mother and young brother participated and were shot by the so its a very hard moment for me but i didn't lose the hope in all these long years, and I still keep this hope even now. [audience clapping] And Bassam, as we heard in the film, you tragically lost your own daughter in this conflict and yet that never seems to have shaken you faith in the mission of peace, and I wonder how you achieve that. Actually, thank you, I need to thank Jihan for this great idea, I was very moved by the words of her majesty queen. Bassam Aramin - Combatants for Peace According to your question, we know how to replace our pain, to use it in a positive way. Forgiveness and for peace. I replaced my child with my other five children, to give them the life, give the life to other Israeli children. Because, since 2000, we lost 1,000 Palestinian kids have been killed and at the same time, 197 Israeli kids have been killed. Those people are innocent people. They haven't, they don't want to be part of this conflict. We need to protect them. Yonatan, how difficult, challenging has it been spreading this message in the region? Its very difficult, but when we do it together, an Israeli and Palestinian ex-fighters, the Israeli people, they admire their pilots, their heros, their combatants and the Palestinian people, they admire their fighters, their freedom fighters so when we come to them especially to young kids and we talk to them about our stories and what happened to us and how we decided that in order to protect our people, Palestinians and Israelis, in order to liberate Palestine and to liberate the Israelis from being oppressors, they have a better way to act. They can act nonviolently together as a joint struggle. And Bassam, what is the message you send, briefly, to the Palestinian community? Our message to the Palestinians and also to the Israelis, we are the same people who use to kill one another before a few years. The reality is that we are now together working and fighting against the same enemy, our common enemy is the occupation. This is our message in Israel and in Palestine. We have partnered for peace, all the time we have we just don't need to look for. We are the majority of the Palestinians and the Israelis , we all look for the life and the minority looks for the death. Our voice must be more loud than them, we ask for life not for death. Yonatan Shapira and Bassam Aramin, thank you both very much for being here. Combatants for Peace. Lets send it back to Los Angeles.

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