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Anatha - Human Needs First

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I think we're finding ourselves at a pivotal moment in history in which global consciousness wants radical solutions to the problems that we face. And I'm here to say that it's time to stop taking half measures.

Money is a tool of war. We use money to corrupt or oppress whole regions. What if the people who've had a say in the money supply decided that they didn't want to finance these things anymore? You cannot fight a system of oppression while participating in it.

The way out of being a victim of the economy is to build your own economy and join that one. If you could create systems that are win-win for everyone, that's the way to maximize human productivity and human endeavors. When we describe tools that give people power, that give people a voice, that give people access, it sounds like a utopian dream. But with the emergence of blockchain, and decentralized finance, and distributed systems, we're starting to see exactly that emerge.

At Anatha, we build systems that put human interests and human endeavors first and foremost at the front of our mind during the design process. That's what Anatha does. Our deepest most cherished beliefs, this idea that everyone should receive a portion of everyone's economic activity, this idea that you can create systems which focus on people's needs and people's outcomes in a very clear quantifiable way, that's not simply a high-minded philosophy that we're talking about, that's part of our system's design.

So, moving forward what does the future look like, the future should be so amazing that we as a species and as a civilization couldn't imagine it, because the only way to imagine it, would be to have transformed from what we are now.

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Year: 2021
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Posted by: anatha on Jun 27, 2021


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