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It was all good. Results and everything. It was dramatic. Now the protagonist! of this drama, in a sense. Matsumoto Mannequin! There's no drama! Whats amazing is that he already had that "I screwed up" face at the first shoot. well then let's start off with the 4th place Mr. Ohno! I'll start off with the good comments. 33 year old part-time worker. " It's simple, and each item seems high in quality. Looks like something a handsome man would wear." 16 year old high school student. "It looks cool like Mr. higashiyama! I imagine the person appearing while dancing." Alright now! we have some bad comments too. 36 year old office worker. " Out dated Good-time charlie." 14 year old middle school student. "Something isn't right" 14 year old middle school student. "Looks cheap! Looks like something you can buy for 5000yen ($50)" It's 380 thousand (yen)! By the way! Oh!? This Ohno mannequin who cam in 4th place! In France, the fashion epidemic transmission area, came in first place with tremendous support! Lastly, it's Matsumoto mannequin. well, there are a lot of overwhelmingly bad opinions. well, I'd assume so. For the future, let's introduce some for reference. 20 year old college student. The way of 'glaring' is wrong 16 year old high school student. Looks like the scarecrow near my house. nooo don'ttt don't do ittt 44 year old housewife. Sho-kun I can't believe it! U have a bad taste! That word, I shall return it right back at you. But 1st place has good opinions. Here are some good opinions. 14 year old middle school student said this. Recently, Arashi members have been taking defense so I want to see more attacks like this. I appreciate it. How about Italy? oh, about the ranks on Italy side Italy hasn't come up yet, right? I bet this will be good Italy Italy Italy... Italy! Matsumoto mannequin! oh!? Last place! In Italy, the first place went to Ninomiya mannequin! well, by the way, Matsumoto mannequin's umm, although I checked from various angles such as by country, prefecture, etc. unfortunately, there was not one in the first place! When I looked closely at the results, besides the 4th place you got from Australia, You placed last in all countries and prefectures! (whaaaatt! this hurts... seriously!? this hurts that's really painful well then, Matsumoto mannequin who placed last! will go around the 5 major prefecture in a trailer wrapped in all set___ and, PR(promote) this show starting in autumn! so then everyone moved on to the photo shoot studio then... here it is everyone _ wow! halloween! there, appeared a Halloween set filled with pumpkins I guess Halloween theme would match the outfit When the shooting started, last place Matsumoto Mannequin showed the best smile, without any sign of disappointment Ok! Thank you! And this time for further PR enhancement, the show will be advertised with Matsumoto mannequin's voice as the trailer runs Let's begin! 3,2,1, cue Everyone in Tokyo! HELLOOOO! I'm Matsumoto mannequin who placed last on Mannequin-five Autumn Special Edition! I lost so badly! Take a lot of pictures! Himitsu no Arashi-chan is broadcasting every Thursday night at 10 o'clock! Please watch! okay!! That was good! Thank you And here's the completed trailer! (BGM: Meikyu love song) starting tomorrow for two weeks, the trailer will run in Tokyo, Nagoya, Osaka, Fukuoka and Sapporo, the 5 major prefectures Please give Matsumoto mannequin a warm support when you see it Stick to the unfortunate woman's private life! love professional criticize out of love!

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Posted by: shizukagrape on Oct 21, 2011


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