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Alan Watt: The Neo-Eugenics War On Humanity 1/4

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And now part two of our in depth interview with new word order researcher Alan Watt. I'm Alan Watt and i am an author and researcher into geopolitics and history i follow where the world has been, the tecniqes that where used to bring us to those stages, and theyre plan to where are today. I researched so many books. I have a library of my own. I like to buy books because they are permanent records of the past. And if you can't understand the past you can't understand the present or future. I have also been in the music business. Heavily envolved for years. And i saw how culture creation works from the top. And how generations are persuaded into new fashions new ideas. I've been following the histories of the so called New World Order for many years. And i try to go into the books writen by the big players, the tecnocrats themselves. Those famous people: the Kissingers, Brasinkys and so on. The Huxleys, the Lord Bertrand Russels. Who all worked for the same organizations. And i come to the conclusion that there is only one big organization. With many subcategories. These boys tend to publish the world that they saw coming into view. And they wrote it in theyre own hand basicaly. They told us that they were taking the world. And when you start studying these things with the age of 14, 15 or even younger. And reading their books and you live long enough You will see that the world has turned out exaclty as they planned This can't be coincidence And who can really write a wish list and make it happen globally ? Unless there is an organization very, very powerfull probably the only organization on the planet an organization that can fund all sides, all opositions and using the sinthesys of conflicting parties they can literally make the world come into view as they have planned the plan in centuries and the astonishing thing is when you go into the United Nations whitch is loosely based on the soviet system they have planned certain parts of their agenda in 50 years plans some in a houndred year plans and some even 150 years plans for diferent aspects of it the Russels, the Huxleys and so on Bresinskies also use the same terminology with their long term plans and if you can understand too that nothing in culture comes out of the grassroots even Plato talked about that thousands of years ago he said that if it was a grassroots movement really coming from the people then those in charge that dominate minority would loose control therefore every change in culture right down to fashion and music this was written 2300 years ago had to be authorized from the top promoted from the top if it fitted with the continuance of controll over the public and these are sciences which were talked and done through the ages are still talked today to the big players and they use it to fool in the 20th century now into the 21th century with the use of television mass comunication, radio etc. everything has been given to us for the apropriat and stage in the actuall planning and for those who are coming into this studies it's best to go into the books written by the big players themselves they love to boast Kissinger has a lot of books out there so has Bresinsky these are probably two of the master players in geopolitics try to stay away from all the conspiracy books they are also put out there on purpose very fascinating books but they'll lead you in circles forever without giving you the overall picture to the fact that every generation has it's purpose up until this present time and in a post industrial era these big boys have decided and they are masters too that we are simply superfluos and they no longer need us hence we have big foundations coming forward organizations like the optimum population trust who have decided to come out openly and demand that government start radicly reducing the populations we are now the useless eaters as Lord Bertrand Russel called us our ideas our opinions on everything our worldview, even to do with population and the fake view that we are overpopulated is all projected to us by the mainstream media working in concert for the masters and we beginn to parrot what we hear through repetition and that is so important as repetition with slogans and catch frases and once you hear it happening in your own local group then you know it's working and a camera can make anyting apear to be true you see that in india references they always use the same streets of bombay to make you think that you are massivly overcrowded and that is the impression people think of the entire indian continent the indian continent is huge with thousands of miles of forrest where no one lives it's the same in africa too china being a model stage for the world for instance put into effect the UNs policy to the extreme with it's population reduction and the movements of people off of the rural areas into cities they said that years ago right now they are in the process of moving 2 houndred million more people off into the major cities and that in the major newspapers the cities apear to be crowded because everyone is being moved into them and the western world since it's 1950s again under the term of urban sprawl and stoping urban sprawl the western countries also signed agreements to do normal building in the outskirts of major cities all existing buildings had to be used or else not dump the place with even higher ones regardless of imigration and the free flow of people now from the 3rd world countries the western countries appear to be overcrowded and yet the UN owns the statistic show as for the national censor show that the europeans for instance, canadians, americans who have been here for a couple of houndred years are actually in decline so the over population problem is simply an image projected by the midia as more and more people are crammed into the same cities and they bring in more imigrants in to fill them but i also realized the system of scooling when i was going to scool was bogus the history were bogus and i was very lucky to have access to very old libraries some of them had reference books went back to the 1700s written at the time when i compared the history i was being tought in scool to the history that were written at that time they were completly diferent yet a deeper understanding of how geopolitics has been used in the past to even populate the country of canada london couldn't get imigrants to go off to the new colonies what they did for australia was to create so many laws that you couldn't help but break them and poverty and therefore stealing a loaf of bread to feed your family would get you deported to australia with your family that's how they populated australia crime they created the laws for crime with scotland you had a rebelion which could be rigged and often was and the whole of scotland was punished and they deported millions of scots to the americas to populate the americas this is geopolitics in action that's how it works and whole peoples are often moved from their land because the elite masters want them elsewhere to be productive for them when the strategy for the US and Canada again, longterm strategy, longterm planning you'll find that the big corporations of the Hudson company, the Frasier companies were getting charters to own the land before Canada was Canada or US was US the reason they were called americas these are private international corporations that the power of life and death over everyone who lived within their areas the Queen or the King had a consulate in every country the lieutenent-general or governeaur-general is still what we have in canada today who represents the Queen they have all the powers over life and death of subjects under that government how they stopped rebellions in the past was to give us an idea of what they called democracy they knew from the charters movement in Britain for instance and elsewhere in other countries people were demanding rights for the first time and do once again they gave us champions speaking in our behalf wich calm the people down thinking for the first time in history the people were involved in their own destiny creation and nothing was further from the truth because the planners knew that once you bring people into your country or continent create real wealth for them, get businesses going clear the land, drain the swamps and so on, they could take them all away from you through laws 200 years down the road and that is what is happening now longterm geopolitics once more and if you think they are kidding about this, go into the history books written at the time, they are still there at the libraries. and you can also go into the art of geopolitics. there is even videos on youtube on Bresinky Boasting about how he setup the Taliban in Afganistan. you can see him encourage them to fight the soviets at that time in the 1970s and he actually says: "yours is a holly war". this man who obviously believes in nothing but himself is on peargroup encouraging another people to go and fight a holly war, a jihad he uses this terms against the soviets knowing too well once he is setup and is backed by the CIA that 10, 15 years down the road it be a problem and then you had to go to war with the very group that he created to fight the soviets. that's what is happening today longterm strategies well that is how history has always been run if you go into the books where you find the british homeoffice is mentioned study the history of the diplomatic core because a diplomats were spies they could go into territories and setup embacies to let inteligence plan for future invasions their job was also to try and grab the rights of minerals, gold, silver etc. across the planet all natural resources. and find ways and longterm strategies to either bribe it of the present rulers of those countries or else create an ultimate war with them and simply steal it under the gise of ocupation we are living through a stage today as they say were this is all coming to a culmination this is the post industrial era we are post tecnical almost in the west it's all done in other countries and Bresinsky himself talks about the tecnocratic era where the future will be for an elite with a higly trained burocracy underneath them and a scientific elite who will not need the human labor they needed in the past human labor that is excessiv as unemployed and is hungry is now a threat for that established elite so now they are doing something they can do only to the human species. they don't need to do this to animals with animals you just have to hunt them and kill them we are the only species that has to be convinced to allow ourselves for the good of all to be sterilized and to bring down the population through abortion in one end and euthanasia on the other under the gise to save the planet and unfortunatly with a massive propaganda compains that are all over media and every coutry at the same time with all the big foundations backing them with unlimited financing remember the foundations are owned by the international bankers themselves then they can pull this off and unfortunatly it really is working in Kindergarten now you look into kindergarten anywhere near europe or the americas and you see the rainbows inside every single one of them you see all the terms and you see green messages everywhere and how sacrifice will have to be made to save the world and future generations of society sacrifice you tie that together with the institutions that comprise of the fabian society the members of the Royal Chamber of international Affairs . as one society the council of foreing relations also the same thing RCIA TR Thatcher and Professor Carl Quidly called the parallel government they have told us what the future was going to be some of the members have even written books about the needs to cut off massive amount of the population by any means possible and so we see this final stage being pushed as they convince us that we are the problem

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Alan Watt continues to divulge his fascinating in-depth insights into how culture is created from the top down and used by the elite to manipulate and pervert natural human instincts towards their own ends.

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