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TROM: 2B-T - Ideas and Situations - Mystery and Paranormal powers (2.0)

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Mystery: anything that is still unknown, not understood or discovered. Unfortunately for many people mystery is not mysterious at all, because they immediately associate it with spirituality or anything else known to them. Mystery is used as an argument for religion. When something can not be explained at the time, it is attributed to religion, divinity. It is a misunderstood concept by most people. Remember: Mystery is anything that is still unknown, not understood or discovered. Paranormal: What lies beyond what is normal. Many claim to have psychic powers and many others strongly believe in them. From witches to today's psychics, all are the same, just the name is different... Well almost, fearsome and skeptic, James Randy. He's devoted his whole life to bunking psychics. And no psychic however well known escapes his tireless crusade to expose them as frauds. And then it gets soft, so I see to it bend, bend and it bends. So confident is Randy that psychics don't exist, he's put up one million dollar of his own money as reward to anybody who can prove they have psychic powers. Peter Popoff Ministries - Extreme Emergency Pledge During the 1980s I *undered* the world that I found filled with fallacy, and rife with abuse, the world of *athium*. I developed a special interest in a television's evangelist named Peter Popoff. God told me, he said you smite that cancer with your fist. At the time Popoff was pulling a nearly four million dollars a year, healing people on his miracle crusades. You've got cancer of the stomach. Are you ready for God to burn that cancer out? Here it goes in the mighty. Devil back off Back off devil Alleluia, Alleluia You really believe you are healed? Yes, I believe it Do you think her cancer is gone now? Yes I believe that, because God never lies and *we stand in his words*. Praise the Lord. I tell you for now on you are going to have a solid victory in your heart Amen To his followers, Popoff seems to have divine powers. Is it Gool, Alex Gool? He knew their names Stand up Alex As well as the affections they come to cure God is touching the thyroid condition right now God is touching your nerves right now God is touching your eyes, just lift up your hands, get ready, here it comes He also knew the personal details of their lives. You're going to hear good news from Charles, before everything is **, he's going to be completely delivered, because of your prairies, because of your *bait?* here it comes, complete *?* Jesus. Uf mighty *???* right now, right now I suspected that Popoff's revelations where other that divine. Radio's scanner we brought to the whole pic that decidedly *?* the source. Hello PD, can you hear me? if you can't you're in trouble. Popoff was being *?* by his wife trough a wireless earpiece. John? *?* Joseph She got her information from prairie cards, filled out by the faithful before the show began. She wants to get rid of the walker. You want to get rid of this walker, sister? Oh Lord, how long have you been walking on that walker? About three years. Three years? She lives in 1627 Kent Street. 1627 Kent Street? That's right. She's got arthritis. Uh! Burning this arthritis! Right out of your body. Take just a few step to make the devil mad, Alleluia/Hallelujah. That's it just move around. A little bit, there she goes. Just walk with me. Oh lord, she's not going to need that walker anymore. God just put a new strength a new health. Burn in hell arthritis out of her body! Just keep going, Alleluia/Hallelujah I was able to arrange another broadcast of the miracle crusade, on the tonight show. But this time the wireless popping was included. In 1997, Peter Popoff declared bankruptcy. Prayer is he, prayer is he. Psychics in most cases are self** and they take advantage of the people who pay them for their services. I have been looking all over the world for someone who has psychic powers, now I don't expect to find any because my experience is always, in every case, been negative. The fact that I haven't found one, doesn't mean they don't exist. All it means is that I somewhat biest against belief in psychics, and for that very good reason. There's no evidence to support it. After all, if someone really had psychic powers, which would be extraordinary to witness, why hide it? ALTERNATIVE SOLUTIONS [ 1) Educating human beings / 2) Focusing on science ] If I can assure of the world, the real world around me as is possible, now if I can only obtain that to a certain degree, but I want the greatest degree of control, I don't... I've never involved myself in narcotics of any kind I don't smoke, I don't drink, because... that can easily just close the edges of my rationality, close the edges if my reasoning powers, And I want to be as aware as I possible can that means giving up a lot of fantasies that might be comforting in some ways but I going to give that up in order to live in an actually real world as closest I can get to it It's pathetic that some people try to con others, it is even more pathetic that some people are allowing themselves to be fooled. It has made an industry out of curiosity. A lack of education stands out among gullible people, and among those who orchestrate this.

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Description : TROM represents the biggest documentary ever created, but, also the only one that tries to analyse everything : from science to monetary system and real solutions to improve everyone's life. A new and real way to look about the world. " Before the Big-Bang, till present, and beyond."

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