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Do you want to be a rock star?

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Look! Today's gonna be a bad day. Don't worry... Shh! I can see an old woman. Come on, let's play some beautiful! Oh really?!! 20 cents? Do you really think that today we can have lunch with this? Oh my God! These teenagers... LOOK!!! Come, come on, let's play some heavy song. -Do you think they will be suitable..? - Maybe, Maybe... Hey! Stop playing. Can you hold a little conversation with us in a more private place? Well, we’re too busy now, but a little break will be good. We know a smart pub nearby. Do you want to go? Who want to make the first shot? Me! I was a master player when I was young. Please, make room! Your turn. Well, we’re here because we want to propose you something. We are rock stars and recently we have lost some members of our group. We have seen the talent in your eyes. Shut up! Let ME! Do you want to make up a band with us? We have “xatis”... a lot of money, drugs, parties and… a lot of pencil cases! Oh! Pencil cases! Well, first we want to know what your musical training is. The truth is that we are self-made musicians. We usually listen the song on the radio and make our personal versions, with fewer notes but with more rythm. And what is you musical training? Does it happen to be better than ours? Yes, I think so. I started my career with 3 years, when my father forced me to play 8 hours a day. After, I became a prodigious kid with only 7 years, when I travelled the entire world playing in the most famous cities. And in New York he met me, because I also was a prodigious kid. And our fathers decided to make business with us. Mmmm...I think that this will work out. you want to go to play something? Let's! ♪♫♪♫♪♫♪♫... Hi, I'm Maxilium Maxiliam Max and...I've heard your celestial music. I have seen it! I've had a revelation! I can become you... The biggest rock band in the world! I can do the impossible with you! Yes...I can! (strange looks) you accept?¿? Well...we don't know who you are and, we haven't got references but... Why not?! But...if you want to become a famous band, I think that I have to make some changes... MarcooooOOOooo!!!! Oh my God...! What's this? Oh my God...! This out! This out! This out! Uuuuh! Go! go! go! fiu! fiu! Well, now.. You are a Rock Stars!

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Duration: 11 minutes and 35 seconds
Country: Spain
Language: English
Genre: Animated
Producer: Iblalcastrau
Director: Iblalcastrau
Views: 1,617
Posted by: ibles25 on Feb 9, 2010

Two street musicians will try to form a successful rock band, with the help of two great famous rock musicians.

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