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Film Review_ Nàlia_Blanca_David

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Hello, I'm David And we're gonna talk about the film "The half of it" and... ... in Spanish "Conquista a medias" Well, the film was launched in... this year, 2020... ...and it was distributed by Netflix, and the film is an American film The script is also written by Alice Wu... ...and the dialogues are very, very thinked, like... ...they are very prepared dialogues And the main character is, like, direct and it's easy to understand the ideas... ...of the character I agree with Natalia I think that the supporting roles are better than... ...the main character, Ellie Chu For example, I liked the performance of Paul Munsky, the boy who plays Daniel, ah no, the character that... ...plays Daniel Diemmer And, I think that his performance is believable Right? and compared with Ellie Chu is, yeah Ellie Chu, is better..., yeah, the film reflects a little bit the culture that... ...have Chinese people and what is being an immigrant in, a Chinese immigrant in America And that's interesting Well, the film, I think that has this tone... The tone of the film, like, dramatic and the colors... ...are, like, not very colorful are like, I don't know to say it Colors like grey... this type... And, positive aspects, right? What do we have about this... ...positive aspects? yeah, I think that, that, as soon, no, As the film is going through, right? you see more things that you don't expected... ...watching the trailer It's a basic film, is not, it's like, yeah, I watched the film and... yeah, simple Yes, and also that the film, yeah doesn't focus a lot on the things... ...tries to put importance, like, the film tries to... How I can say it? Put importance on LGBTQ, and being not accepted, but it's like, a moment of the film, and that's all The film could probably put more importance on this... ...critics of the religion I wouldn't watch it again Like, I've watched it once and that's all And I think that it's a simple movie, and some performances... ...the main character is not the best performer I've ever seen, but so... that's all

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Posted by: davidsb on Dec 20, 2020

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