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Bed Bugs

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The United States has had an epidemic of bed bugs. It's been going on now for 15 years. If you go back 15 years, the amount of bed bug work that Orkin did was practically zero, and now 10% to 15% of the work that we do relates to bed bugs. Now that's in the United States, also we are finding that in Europe and some of the Asian countries as well. So those of you around will say, "Ah, we're not going to get bed bugs." Well, I think you probably will. So I would ask you even though that may not be a major issue right now that any type of hospitality situation, any type of multifamily housing situation, we're not talking about hospitality or multifamily housing, in the traveling situation, sometimes hostels and places like that will be the start for this to happen. And as I was in Guatemala, I was in Costa Rica, that's where the source of bed bugs are right now is that you have vacationers and others that are staying on kind of the low end of things. The interesting thing though, if those are kept really cool, then the bed bugs won't be as happy. They're gonna be happier in an air-conditioned type of a situation, some of the higher end hotels. So what I was really excited about with Lewis and Marcello... Excuse me, Mauricio and others. Is that they were doing programs and seminars for our hospitality customers and potential customers around bed bugs. We can provide that. We can come down and be the speaker, we can provide some of the financial resources to help you, be able to establish those seminars, then the customer knows who the authorities are on these special topics. So Frank and myself have done lots of work on bed bugs. We'd love to be able to help provide some of that. But I would ask that all of you train your people to be able to identify a bed bug, be able to have a service protocol in place, and be able to help set those standards so that there is no situation that has bed bugs in any country that is providing hospitality services.

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Bed Bugs

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