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3 Crazy Reasons Why Home Decluttering Is Such A Challenge

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Hi! I’m Coach Kaley Shorter, founder of Space to Smile. I help women be their very best selves, I’ve discovered 3 big reasons why it’s so hard for us to declutter our homes. It doesn’t matter how many home organizing photos we collect, it doesn't matter how much we try to strive for minimalism, it doesn’t matter how MUCH we really want to declutter our homes, if these three big things are in our way. The first one is toxins we might be ingesting. So if it hurts you to sit on the floor or be on your feet for a while, because your joints and your back hurt, or you’re just too exhausted, then you’re not going to get very far decluttering your house. And these physical symptoms might be a byproduct of food toxins, and you may not realize that that’s how they’re affecting you. The second thing that may be in our way is our thoughts. So for example, if you’re still telling yourself self-limiting beliefs like “I need to hold on this box of 200 pencils and this broken paper shredder because I might need them in the future,” that’s just a simple case of scarcity mentality, which is a self-limiting belief. a self limiting belief, and you’re not going to effectively clear that clutter with those kind of thoughts. And the third thing that is often in our way of being able to declutter our homes is the way that we are bottling our feelings. So if you’re thinking of, let's say letting go of a box of your grandmother’s knickknacks that might have been packed away for years, because you don’t have the right spot for them in your home, but you've never really mourned her loss, then you’re going to feel incapable of letting go of any of that, and that box is just going to go right back in the closet. So the only secret that we need to know about clearing our home clutter is that it’s one of four pillars of clearing: toxins, thoughts, repressed feelings, and home clutter that we keep trying to clear out of order. We simply cannot clear our outer clutter before we clear our inner clutter. And once we do that, we can then really accomplish our bigger goals. Join me for a very special live course to do just that: to clear our inner AND outer clutter starting this coming Thursday. Go to Hurry before the class gets filled up! I can’t wait to help you clear your Space to Smile.

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