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2801 Advanced exercises after Breast Surgery

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Exercising after surgery will help you get back the range of movement you had before surgery, prevent long-term problems with shoulder movement. The exercises in this video should should only be started in the second week after your breast surgery, but if you have removable stitches or a drain, wait until these have been removed. You will continue to do the warm-up and basic exercises as well as adding in these new exercises. You should repeat each exercise five times before you move onto the next one, and you should try to do the exercises three times each day. You shouldn't worry if you can't manage to do all the exercises every time. For example you may find the exercises more difficult if you are undergoing radiotherapy, so do as much as you can and feel comfortable with. The big difference in these new exercises is that they will encourage you to raise your arms above shoulder level. In the Wall Climbing exercise, stand with your feet apart standing close to and facing a wall. Put both hands on the wall at shoulder level and then looking straight ahead gradually work your hands up the wall, sliding as far as you can. It can help to use a towel or cloth as shown here. You should feel a stretch, but don’t go so far that it is painful. When you have gone as far as you can, hold and count to 10 before sliding your hands back down to shoulder level. Then repeat the exercise five times, each time trying to reach a little higher. The alternative approach is to stand sideways with your affected side nearest the wall. Put your hand on the wall, keeping your elbow bent. Move your hand up the wall as far as it will go, allowing your elbow to straighten. Again, you should feel a stretch, but not pain. Hold and count to 10 before bringing your hand down. Once again repeat five times, trying to get higher each time. In the arm lift exercise, lie down with a cushion or pillow to support your head. Take three or four really deep breaths and concentrate on relaxing your shoulders so that they are not hunched up toward your ears. Put your hands together and hold onto a stick or an empty water bottle. Keep your elbows straight, lift your arms up and over your head as far as is comfortable, hold, count to 10 and then lower your arms slowly. Some people find it useful to put a pillow behind their back to support their arms. If you struggle to lie down, you can do this exercise sitting in a chair. The last exercise is the Elbow Push. Lie on your back with your hands behind your head and your elbows out to the sides. Push your elbows down towards the floor as far as is comfortable. Hold and count to 10 and then relax. When you have finished your excises, remember to do the cool-down using the shoulder shrug and shoulder cycling exercises. You should be trying to do these exercises three times a day and you shouldn't feel pain when doing them. A stretching or pulling sensation is normal, but if you do have concerns or feel excessive pain when doing the exercises, or become concerned about your range of movement or level of discomfort, please speak to your breast care nurse. Also stop exercising and contact them if you are having problems with fluid collecting in the site of your operation or a wound infection. You should continue to do these exercises until you have got back the range of movement you had before your operation and if you are going to have radiotherapy you should continue the exercises whilst you are having treatment as they will help your shoulder flexibility.

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2801 Advanced exercises after Breast Surgery

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