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Cyber Security. Evolved.

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These guys are good. Let's get to work. A hot little startup with a great idea. Their target, Apropas. Offices in 12 countries, 5,000 staff. You'd think that'd be secure, wouldn't you? Make some noise. [Zapusk]. A smokescreen. A decoyed breach to hide what they're really after. Confidential information hidden in the depths of the system. Come on. Still here? The computer's crashed. Join the club. See you, Monday. Right now, the chances are someone somewhere is attacking you, and you don't even know it. Okay, chaps. We're in. I bet you're wondering how they got this far. Give us a smile. Lovely. She's in. Sensitive passwords and system details from a keystroke logger hidden under a desk for six months. You got it? Easy. These guys, they know it all except a few weeks earlier Apropas were hit by a smaller breach. It made the board stop and think how vulnerable they were. So they brought in the experts. It's never just an IT issue. They carried out cyber security training from boardroom to basement, identifying what was critical to the business. Threat and intelligence monitoring. They planned a cyber incident response and brought in their own ethical hackers to test the systems and make honey pots to trap the attackers. They reviewed the whole business from New York to Tokyo and devised a game plan for any breach. Make some noise. Zapusk. Come on. We're in. It's a denial of service attack. We're just monitoring the situation. Have they got into any accounts? Very clever. Someone else bangs on the windows while you hide in the cellar. They're on to us. I'll try blocking. Is it working? I don't know. Well, I need to know, Gil. Is it working. Lena, launch a worm. These guys are good. They're really good. They're blocking us. Try again. They're blocking us. I said try again. Come on. Straight to me. Gotcha. Good, but not good enough. You're okay. Traffic's blocked. You can win, but there's always a next time. Who's next? [Kobashi] Tech. Criminals just get smarter. Who have we got for the smokescreen? Take your pick. And they're everywhere. A breach will happen, and when it does, will you be ready?

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Posted by: symantec on Jul 31, 2015

Cyber Security. Evolved.

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