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Following Srila Prabhupada _ DVD 105

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He was talking about Krishna and the forest of brindavan. And he would close his eyes. And he would get massaged and he was talking about Krishna. And he would describe how they do not know Krishna is God. The Calvary boys are coming home from the forest and save all mother. Krishna killed one very big demon today. A Krishna is so wonderful. And they are not knowing he is God. This is the thing and Krishna is so wonderful. And whenever he would talk like this, when he would stop, you would know where you were. You had been transported to some other location. You have to remember your identity and who you Were there it was transporting his power to transport you was there. And I got very addicted to that. That sweetness, that transcendental sweetness. One time he was talking about how there's no fear. Krishna is playing leapfrog with the boys. And they have no fear. They're just playing. And all of a sudden you experience no fear. And you realize you're always fearing. You don't even know it. But in the back of your mind, you're always fearing. And for a few moments you experience no fear. kartikeya was telling me is such an amazing experience. For a few moments, I felt fearless. And this way, when he would talk about vrindaban, you would be there. He was in Leela. He was seeing everything, but you couldn't see it, but you could feel it. And so I got very addicted to that. So then when he went off to India, the whole time he was in India, I prayed to Lord Jagannatha, Lord Jagannatha, we had when, when Morty in Montreal, I was there for six months. And I pray, please let me take care of Swami Ji, when he comes back from India. So while I was in India, he wrote me a letter, I wrote him a letter expressing that desire. He wrote me a letter back saying, I shall build a house in vrindaban, where you and your husband can come from all your days. At the end of the letter, he wrote, I know your mind. He knew everything I was thinking. He heard my prayers. He knew everything I was thinking. So when he came back, that desire was fulfilled. He allowed me to be with him to serve him for that whole year, which was very sweet. Because it was just in the time before the organization took off in a very big way. And at that time, propane was still kind of not completely Well, from his stroke, he was having some difficulty. So it was kind of like, I would kind of mother him and he would kind of father us. We were We were like children, but we were like a family. Everything is out of love. And that's a rare sweet time that I think he also thinks is very special. I took this walk with brucia Tom and Jada Ronnie, and shoulder powerpod and it was snowing. And there were a couple of teenage girls young teenage girls standing cross the street and they had on mini skirts. And like I said it was snowing. So john, Ronnie and I naturally were glancing across the street thinking it was very odd for these two young teenage girls to have miniskirts on in the snow. And the teenage girls were looking across the street a janitor Ronnie and I and having these saris on social proper noted the humor and he said you're looking at them and they are looking at you. He said they're austerity is for sex life and your austerity is for Krishna. Okay, it's the late summer of 68, the full nectarine and Nyan a Brahmin I cooperated in making this film. He concentrated on the acting and the costumes and finding some of the sets most of the film was shot in the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens. And here we have a devotee dressed up as Krishna. This particular aspect of the film earlier on had been a cause of some agitation because we had two Brahma trainees these two Brahma trainees are goats supposed to be gopis so we're showing a little scene from Bundaberg. Here's Radha and Krishna walking through the woods of burn Dobbin. Before making this film. These same two Brahma trainees had been made up in the same way and we had gone to the same place. We told her the prodpad who was not in New York at the time, what we had done with two devotees dressed up like Radha and Krishna and how we were worshipping them. And Srila prop blew his stack at us. He said that was the greatest offensive all and we were just saying stricken with despair. But somehow we recovered and it's really proud that allows us to do the same thing again later on for this movie, but with a new understanding that these people of course we're not Radha and Krishna. We took property for a stroll, and he said, this is just like vrindaban and after that, we called the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens, Brooklyn vrindaban. He was talking about how all these desire to make parks, urban parks and Botanic Gardens, things like that. It's a sublimation of, of our desire to recreate vrindaban and we actually did do that by having this tableau. The two girls applied Rama and Krishna, they were actually sisters, Indira and acciani Indira played Krishna Qian, he was sister played Raja Rani. They lived outside the temple. After the girl that played Krishna took a bite out of the fruit and we took it as purshottam. At the time Damodar I think he had been an underground filmmaker before he joined the movement. And I was studying filmmaking at Columbia University at the time. So Daimler and I worked together and proper give us an instruction, that he wanted a movie made of the Bhagavad Gita, including battle scenes of the Mahabharata and elephants. And he spent the whole session giving telling us how how the movie should be made. Prophet said when time comes, he would direct it. And I never quite understood what he meant by that, maybe through Supercell, or what he would do it personally. But he did speak at length about it. But he was very serious. And we took that that instruction very seriously for some time and dominar. And I used to come out of the temple and watch normal movies, because we thought that would help us. Or maybe we rationalized that way, that we could only fulfill prophets instructions by being cognizant with contemporary filmmaking. And I remember Sheila profit came down from his quarters, and we were all going to go to the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens together. So there was a car. I don't know how I got to ride in the car again. But I was in the backseat, and the two devotees dressed up like rod and Krishna were in the backseat Brahma Nanda was there she would prop was there and a driver. And the devotee was dressed up like Krishna as Sheila property if she could fan proper and proper did know the devotee never accepts service from Krishna. So he was playing along. You know, the later we found out we were not doing the right thing. And also, before we got in the car, he had come down from his quarters and we're standing on the sidewalk. We had made enough Garland's for Sheila Probert and Radha and Krishna, but one garland got lost or something. So we put a garland on Krishna, and then went to put one on Sheila Paul bought it as we're putting it on. He was taking it off and putting it on the devotee dress like Radha Rani. When prophet SAW how disappointed we were, he saved the situation by saying, I can understand by this impulse that you want to know about the spiritual world Radha and Krishna Gallaga. I will explain it to you. And then he just sat down, he started reciting the Brahma Samhita prayers and gave a very elaborate explanation of those prayers that chintamani dom get rather than Krishna, how they look how they appear what they do. He transported us to go look, by his consciousness. When he when he finished. We were leaving. Brooklyn Botanical Gardens prophets ordered me This place is very nice. And this will make a very nice location for a temple and we want to build a temple. So you arrange to get this land donated. We'll make it a very nice temple. Prop I'd had such a high vision that he would try for so I had to do it. This park is a municipal park by the City of New York. Film guru Dave was shot in the spring of 1969. We're waiting for sure we're proud to arrive in New York at the airport. The chair was prepared for him Vyasa song of sorts and everybody was getting Other united flight came in the cure tongue got ecstatic. There's Sue ball there's constant ball and Lila suka and Srila Prabhupada arrived of course was a great deal of commotion I couldn't get right at him immediately, but there he is walking down the aisle. And of course a furious curtain going on. Everybody else in the airport wondering what was happening. Surely provid is arriving from Los Angeles. These airport arrivals were certainly the most ecstatic and tense times because we had been away from him he had been away from us. And the preparations were frantic, and everybody's rushing out to get there on time and waiting and the plane arrives. And then Srila proposed lotus feet, make their landing on our ground and are so happy. The camera that I used couldn't compensate for the strong lighting and backlit Srila prodpad. So when I was at that angle, you get a silhouette. I tried to get that word united on the tail of the plane and the shots because once again, we were united with shriller probe. And that was our life. And now he's sitting there in New York. And he said things like, you could chant any name of God, either aloe or any name of guy that's bonafide. But because we're followers of gitana, mahabhava, we chant the Hari Krishna mantra. There was a whole bunch of us waiting at this one gate, and all of a sudden, sudden, somebody saw probably coming from this other gate. And he said, Oh, sure, you have robots coming from over there. And we all ran to great trailer pro pad. And we fell down at His lotus feet. I was a new devotee, you know, so I didn't know how long you supposed to stay down. Stay down for quite a while. And then I kind of peeked my head up to see if everybody had gotten up yet. Everyone was up in Prague, but was standing right over above me. I looked up into His lotus eyes and, and he went patted my head. So I got up. So that was my first memory of propilot. I was initiated by mail, probably a few months before he had come to New York. Between the heads and shoulders of the people, just in the terminal, I caught intermittent glimpses of proper, I had never seen him his actual form. And I was my, you know, my senses were not very disturbed, I have not had not been a drug taker, and maybe experimented with each of the available drugs at the time once. But otherwise, I was a trained observer, physiology labs and so on. I was certain he was not walking like an ordinary person. You know, if you look at their head, it'd be sort of bobbing, he was moving smoothly, like a, you know, like a swan or other waterbird floating on the water. I was my first glimpse of him. And at that time, actually, I saw he was he fulgent. And that was the first time I'd ever seen any intelligence like that it was real. I hadn't had any vision like that in dreams, or any religious experiences like that. He was as real as I see this door. And as I say, I was a trained observer. And then databases and rising up new businesses, I looked up and he was looking at me with that penetrating look, that gave the one being looked at the understanding that this great personality sees our soul. In retrospect, we were so receptive, you see such nice faces as well, God says, But actually, we had no no position, no power, no use until provide joy joined us to him. But I remember one time when I did go to the airport with propane, and I was distributing purshottam and we were having a clear time. In the airport authorities made a stop and I was at first distributing purshottam to the non voters who are on looking when they stopped at your town property. It's a little bit peeved. And he told me to come over with the brush arm and distribute the purshottam to the devotees instead of to them onlooker's and he said charity begins at home. You see those Garland's they were all gardenias. And we heard from the devotees on the West Coast that proverb like gardenias, because they're very fragrant. So I used to buy the flowers for the temple. And we used to go to the flower shops and buy daled gardenias, which were cheaper. Even though they were cheaper, they were more fragrant, because I think prophet had mentioned that flowers smell sweetness, ones dime. They weren't as frequent when they refresh, but there were more fragrant when they were older. And Prophet said that the flowers that didn't have a fragrance were useless Kaliyuga flowers, so therefore he liked gardenias were some of those carnations that we put in this garland, were not very fragrant. Surely probably good enough car in the airport, and went back to Manhattan. Sure, the Prop, his apartment was still at 26 Second Avenue. And the devotees had repainted it and refinished it and redid the floors. So it was all gleaming and beautiful. Surely, I'd walked up the stairs, his apartment was on the second floor. And as he looked in the door into the apartment, he turned to us and said, my old home. And that that really made us happy. And we had painted the ceiling blew to look like the sky. And it was it was a wonderful reunion. I remember that globe, the prophet had in his room and 26 Second Avenue. And I remember one time I was there with pro con, and he looked at the globe, I think he may have been a little bit. And he said, if if they only knew my plans, they would put me away. They would lock me up, because he was talking about plans to expand the movement all over the world. And in that time, there were no branches in foreign countries. And it was just like, kind of like a joke, somebody would go to Russia, somebody would go to China, somebody would go to England. And we'd all used to dream about, we never really thought that the movement would expand beyond the hippie enclaves in New York and San Francisco on some college campuses. And even then, there was one college campus in Buffalo that Rupanuga prabhu was running a center at which was very successful. But we never really dreamed that Hare Krishna would be popular with college students because we thought it would only appeal to dropouts. I never thought that the movement was going to expand beyond the counterculture. And 61 2nd Avenue before we took it over was a tuxedo parlor. So we retained those three-way mirrors and made alcoves out of them, and I think we put the vyasasan in one of the alcoves. There was one letter where Brahmananda wrote to Prabhupada about the Tuxedo Palace, and he still called it a palace when it was hardly a palace. Prabhupada wrote one letter, "Brahmananda has found me a palace." The New York devotees had just acquired this new temple - the second New York temple at 61 2nd Avenue - and they were writing to Prabhupada telling him that the new temple was just like a palace. And I was feeling a lot of anxiety about this because I was thinking, "Prabhupada's coming" "and he's going to be so disappointed" "when he sees this temple." "They're telling him it's just like a palace, but it's just another storefront." "It's a little bit nicer than the first storefront, but it's" "it's just another storefront." And... and he's gonna... I was thinking, "He's going to be angry," "he'll be so disappointed, it's going to be horrible." And so Prabhupada came in and he sat on the vyasasan and he said, He said, "I prayed to Krishna to send me one moon," "but Krishna has sent me so many moon-like boys and girls." That's what he said.

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Following Srila Prabhupada _ DVD 105

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