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I - What is Auschwitz - 6/ Leichenkeller, what is it (6/15)

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Some will say: "But if these rooms were not used for what one says, for what then were they used for? To answer this question, all one needs is to look at the original designs like the Germans left them. Here you see the sectional drawing of the room called today "gas chamber". We can notice that, on the top is written: Leichenkeller 1 Which means: Morgue #1 Similarly, if we look at the sectional drawing of the room called today "undressing room", we read: Leichenkeller 2. Which means: Morgue #2 These two rooms were just morgues, where bodies were stored awaiting cremation. A first confirmation is seen on the morgue #1 design. We can note that this room was equipped with a mechanical ventilation system. It had two pipes: number 1 and number 2. Pipe #1 was used to extract the air from the room, while pipe number 2 was used to inject fresh air from outside. This is consistent with the aeration of a morgue. Indeed, in such a room the air is fresh, consequently, stale air stagnates down, this is therefore, from the lower part that it will need to be removed, while in the top part, fresh air will be injected. However, in a gas chamber where people were packed, then subsequently asphyxiated, the atmosphere is warm, stale air thus will tend to be upward, this is where it will need to be extracted, while clean air is injected from the bottom. One can see: if the Germans had wanted to build a gas chamber in the morgue # 1, they would have installed a reverse ventilation system. The mechanical ventilation system installed in the basement of crematoriums 2 and 3 confirms the thesis absurdity according to which, in these places, Germans would have installed homicidal gas chambers.

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I - Qu'est-ce que Auschwitz - 6 Leichenkeller, qu'est-ce que c'est (6-15) - YouTube (360p)

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