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personality disorder

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Yes man There's a guy wearing white T-shirt, waiting for you outside man. I know that guy. I dont like him, he's been following me around, he's been stalking me. I think he wants to kill me or something. It's just some guy , he wants to meet you, wants to talk to you with you about something. I know him, i dont trust him. Everyday when i walk, he's been following me man. He's been.. Its like i did something to him. I dont know. Are you sure? He has this one stare like he wants to, like he's a serial killer or something. Why are you being paranoid right now, Nabil? I'm not being paranoid man, it's just i'm saying.. His characteristics from what i've been observing. I think you're just being a bit paranoid.. Maybe, he's a family member of yours? No.... He's waiting outside with a knife. So, what do you want me to do? Just tell him you're not here? Just tell him i'm not here. You sure? Yes. I dont live here. Doesnt even mean anything you know. So.. You okay? I dont feel comfortable, i dont know why.. I'll talk to you later Hello Bil. Hey man, whats up? Are you gonna have dinner? No actually i just had dinner You know what, just now i went to this one restaurant. And they....didnt call me sir.. And i was like, dont they know who i am? Like everyone calls me sir, you know. Because i am, ahh.. I am attractive, i'm super talented.. Okay, but..... Dont need to be that narcissistic, bud. I cant, i... i spent 2 hours on this. Just on this. 2 HOURS? Yes, because i need to get it very properly done. Like my way. You know. Like, i want to.. It has to be like, multiple layers like Wow, okay. HI everyone, my name is Faiz Hadzim. So im going to be talking a bit about personality disorders. And how importance it is for us to prevent them before things gets worse. And how we as society should imbed values that would, Be more tolerant on those who are suffering from Personality Disorders. When it comes to, these things that are extremely common nowadays. Personality Disorders are extremely curable. And, if you suffer from Schizophrenia for example, or if you suffer from, Borderline Anxiety. It is by no means, something that totally incurable. You can always seek out help and you can always seek out treatments, to help you get out from those situations. Things like this, its always better for you to prevent, before things get worse. So i really really hope, for those of you who are suffering from schizophrenia, If you start hearing voices in your head, if you start becoming too narcissistic of yourselves, Seek out your friends, seek out family members, and certified professionals to help you get out of those disorders. I really think that we as society, we have to move in a direction whereby we imbed values that would help these guys. So i really really hope, that everyone, Each and everyone of us we have to imbed values in ourselves, So that, these guys who are suffering from personality disorders, Do not face, any sort of stigma whatsoever, On their situation, because, These guys, they are not just sick, they need help. And if thats what they need, we have to ensure that, we as society are strong enough to cater to them. So i think thats all, thank you.

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