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Simple Light - (signs) Karen - 18.1.2015

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[Karen] People often ask the question how do I know I'm on the right path, how do I know that I've taken the right choice, and is there a way that I can ask for a sign, or if there's a way that I can find my way in the metaphysical way. One of the things I wanted to tell you to do, it's a tool that I've used and that is two things. People are giving you answers all day long. The problem is our ears are closed. You know, I heard something that was really great this week. It says that we shouldn't be called human beings; we should be called human doings because we are never being; we're never quiet. We never just be because the interesting thing is I'm one of those people. It's difficult for me to sit quiet by myself. But yet I know that that's when God speaks to you on those moments where there is nothing blocking, maybe sometimes in the dead of the night when you wake up and you can just hear the silence. The tools that I've used though to find out whether I'm in the right place or not is sometimes I would sit by myself— you can do it with a candle or you can do it with your eyes open, however you like—and ask for the vision of somebody that's passed on, whether it's a teacher or it's a relative or it's somebody that you feel comfortable with, close to, and have a conversation. This is what I want to do. This is the place I want to get to. This is the person I want to marry. And I want to know that you can help me with that. Would you please guide me or help me to know that I'm in the right way. And then you can say to yourself, how do I make a sign that they've listened to me? Well, if in this week I see three white dogs, or I see two milk trucks, I make a sign for myself that will appear to me within the next week. And if I see those signs, whatever that might be like two women that I didn't know will come to me out of the blue. And that will be for me my sign that the message that I'm getting is correct. That's one way you can do it; it's a technical tool. Another way to do it is very simply to meditate, to concentrate on the thing that you believe is right. And you put a blue frame around— say you're in a situation where you feel very negative right now; you feel that your job is lackluster or your relationship is a little bit,and you don't know whether this is the guy you should really be with. Put yourself in a blue frame with that situation. See the situation clearly. Meditate on it for a moment. And then wash it away like you would erase a blackboard. And then create a white frame, and in the white frame, put yourself and the situation as you think you would want to see it. Concentrate on it in the morning when you wake up, in the evening before you go to sleep for three or four days. And see if there's any result. Basically, what you're doing is you're calling into your consciousness an action that you would like to happen. That's all you're doing; you're creating in your consciousness a space where you can sort of bring into motion that which you want to happen. These are two tools; try them and see if they work for you.

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Posted by: kabvids42 on Jan 11, 2015

Simple light by Karen Berg

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