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Акционеры / Shareholders

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100-year anniversary of the Pearson firm! Read our daily paper! William Pearson I Andy Pearson II Harrz Pearson III John Pearson V Ladies and gentlemen, 100 years ago, my grandfather founded this weapons factory. Here is an heirloom. The first pistol produced at the Pearson firm. My friends, the union is always on your side... Ladies and gentlemen, the goose feather gave way to the Parker pen, The carriage gave way to the Ford automobile. The General Motors refrigerator replaced the root cellar. The river of progress flows on. Everything changes! And this distinguished heirloom will be won today by... Ladies and gentlemen, Money! Only money! Ladies and gentlemen... Here stands Michael Chase. Chase began working here as a kid. His father worked here, but they were only Pearson workers, and nothing else. But who is Mike Chase? He's not just a worker! He's a Pearson shareholder! Michael Chase owns stock. Michael Chase is a co-owner of the firm! Michael Chase gets a share of the profits! Ladies and gentlemen, Money, and only money, makes a man free and independent! We've entered the golden era of capitalism for the people! An era of the flowering of... Mr. Chase, I wish you luck. Everything on loan! Everything on credit! Buy our firm's cigars! Smoke our tobacco, and you will be... Superman. Jenny! Buy atomic shelters for newlyweds, made by the firm... Pearson! and Co.! Pearson and Co.! The Pearson firm produces everything! Pearson takes care of our wives! New this season! 44 procedures... in 10 minutes. The universal cosmetic combine! Miss America! Electricians on strike! A 24-hour strike! Electricians are on strike. Oh, hell! These workers ought to be beaten! Machines should be standing by the workstands Without heart or brain. Very finely put, sir. Everyone does what he wants. We have complete freedom. I also recommend this model for personal assistants: U.S. - Universal Secretary It also comes in the Spanish flavour, the Russian flavour, the sketches of a famous artist, Venus de Milo, Ms. Chicago! Tell me... can there be anything between them of... understand? Out of the question, sir. They are sterile creatures. Machines! They lack brain, heart, soul, or conscience, sir! Without heart or brain, without soul or belly, without feeling or thought! HERE is my ideal worker! Humanity has entered the great era of automatization. 2000 workers are fired, including these shareholders: Michael Chase... How many shares? One. Kick him out! Everything on loan! Everything on credit! Mr. Pearson! I'm Michael Chase! Mr. Pearson, I wanted to talk to you, shareholder to shareholder. Mr. Chase! Yes? That's me. Mr. Chase. You own a share. This is more than money! This is strength! Even more than strength, this is a chance! Don't lose hope! Walk forward! An open road lies before you! Jenny! Am looking for work. Idaho - it's fine! Oklahoma - heaven for business people! Missisipi has everything! Market panic! Pearson stock is falling! Thousands of small shareholders lose everything! Market panic! Michael Chase owns stock. Michael Chase is a co-owner of the firm! Michael Chase gets a share of the profits! And the money? What is this?! A share. A share. We are broadcasting from the main conveyor belt of the Pearson factory. These are our firm's robots. They work 'round the clock with no breaks. They need neither food, nor family, nor an apartment. We are accepting orders from industrialists and farmers. We buy skeletons What can this little skeleton cost? Right, right... Chest circumference: 6000 Height: 187 $15... 65% wear and tear. And so... $4.25 What wear and tear? I'm 27! What's the matter? Bring a skeleton tomorrow, and you'll receive the rest. The daily paper! Pearson the Fifth celebrates the birthday of his dog! Here Maryana, this is all that's left of our skeleton. The winner receives $10,000! This is suicide! I have no wife! No children! I have nothing to lose! We split the money 50/50. How about it? First prize: $10,000! The main contenders are Black Consul and Snow White. Get ready... We guarantee free funerals! The leaders are Black Consul and Yellow Angel! The girl's overtaking her competition! Snow White's in the lead! This is the last stretch! We congratulate the lucky ticket-holders. Consul's jockeying for position! He holds the lead! Thank God I stayed with the Consul! Mr. Chase, we paid you money for the FULL skeleton. What do you now propose? Bone shards, huh? I own a share. Take it. What share?! What's it worth?! We demand employment... shorter hours... more pay... will take any kind of work.

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Duration: 23 minutes and 31 seconds
Country: Russia
Language: Russian
License: All rights reserved
Genre: Animated
Producer: Roman Davydov
Director: Roman Davydov
Views: 237
Posted by: stampede123 on Nov 6, 2011

Акционеры / Shareholders by Roman Davydov. Production: Soyuzmultfilm. Available: Russian transcription and English translation by Niffiwan. Croatian translation to by gradually added.

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