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Operation: Onslaught (July 30th, 2011)

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In just one month The Plan has grown... To over 31,000 members. And now we present to you... Our first-ever large-scale community event. OPERATION: ONSLAUGHT July 30th, 2011 Spread the word. Tell the world that we are here and we are ANONYMOUS. Announce our stand by posting flyers, stickers, tags, etc across your cities. Anyone participating in online ops will be hitting twitter, facebook, youtube and my space. Street operatives: *Print flyers from the gallery or make your own. *Get stickers from the store or make your own. *Ready your stencils and paints. Street operatives: At nightfall, hit major centers across your city and spread the message that freedom is alive in all of us and anonymous is here to make sure the people are heard! Let everyone know that change is on the way! Street operatives: We recommend getting a group together in your respective area, prepare your materials and hit the street at nightfall on july 30th. Comm systems help with keeping track of progress with members of your local team. Street operatives: Keep track of flyers and stickers posted and have a total tally ready. Post your total amount in this thread once you return to "home base". ONLINE OPERATIVES: Report to #operations in IRC at 8:45PM eastern standard time. There you will report to moderators who will be assigning teams. Each team will have a designated target and a message to spread. Teams will post a specified link/message to targets and keep tally of how many posts made. Members posting to facebook can upload flyers to their photos and tag celebrities as well. (This works quite well). Upon completion, each member will report their posts to a coordinator who will keep a tally on total posts. Through this coordinated effort.. We will reach a massive number of people. Our ranks will continue to grow... And you can be certain... The CORRUPT WILL FEAR US. We Are ANONYOMOUS. United As ONE. Devided By ZERO. EXPECT US. Join the Resistance.

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Duration: 2 minutes and 45 seconds
Country: Swaziland
Language: English
Producer: Anonymous
Director: Anonymous
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Posted by: theanonymousmovement on Jul 16, 2011

Join us. Expect Us.

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