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Hearing and the ear

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HEARING AND THE EAR Hi!. Mia! … Mia!.... Mia! Yeah!. What!. Hi! Dude your music is way too loud!. You are going to kill your ears!. Music is better loud. Come on, Zoe!. I’m a fan of loud music too, but it’s important to protect your ears otherwise you won’t be able to hear music at all!. !. Let alone make it. Listen. I´m all ears, ha, ha But seriously without our ears the sounds we hear are really just vibrations. Well, when we listen to music I can feel the vibration of it sometimes. Yeah! That´s what sound waves are. The different parts of the ear work together to interpret the sounds and send them to the brain so it can tell us what exactly what we are hearing. Different parts, like ear lobes? Well, the ear lobes are part of the outer ear. The outer ear is all curvy and windy. It´s shape helps funnel sound into the ear canal. The canal is the hole in our ears?. That’s it. The ear canal leads your ear drum the first stop for sound. The ear drum is a membrane inside the ear that vibrates when sound hits it. Like a real drum? Yeah!, the ear drum is the gateway to the middle ear. Inside the middle ear are three tiny bones, the hammer, anvil and stirrup. When sound enters the middle ear, each of these tiny bones vibrates and passes the sound on further into the inner ear. Like a chain reaction?. It kinda (kind of) is. Now the inner ear is a bit more complex with lots of little passages. Like a maze? A lot like a maze, deep in that maze is the cochlea, reaching the cochlea is like reaching the finish line for sounds. The cochlea turns the soundwaves into signals that stand to the brain’s hearing center by your nerves. The brain’s hearing center? Yep!. It’s a special place on the outside of the brain. When the sound enters the hearing center, our brain tells us what the sound is and where it’s coming from. Oh! Yeah! A drum, some guitar, a horn. Sounds great! Guess my brain hearing center is working pretty well! Mine too! And my inner ear is helping to something else too!. My balance!. The inner ear also contains three little canals shaped like semicircles, that constantly send messages to the brain brain letting it know when you are about to fall or lose your balance. So damaging my ears hearts my hearing and my dancing. Yeah! and neither one of us want that. You already have two left feet. In that case I’ll definitely start watching out when it comes to my ears. Now let’s see if I can dance through this: The ears are very complex organs and they help us to interpret sound. You can only see the outer ear, but there is a middle and inner part of the ear too, and all three parts work together to send sound input to the brain for interpretation. Not only your ears affect your hearing but, your inner ear helps to keep your balance too. How that sound? Mia, that was music to my ears! Translation by:

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Video about our sense of hearing

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