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Hi, nice to meet you. I'm Danielle Thomé, Director at Projex Engenharia, a civil construction company. We're certified by WeConnect as a woman-led company since 2016. Hi, my name is Vinicius Doblack, I’m a purchasing manager at the Cruzeiro unit, here in São Paulo. I've been with MSD for a year. As of 2016, when we were certified, MSD was the first corporation to hire us as a supplier. It was very fast. The connection was excellent. Someone from MSD contacted the WeConnect direction in Brazil asking if there's any construction company registered on their network and they immediately contacted me. We scheduled a technical visit, and then we went through all the processes and we really - we've been working for MSD since 2017 within many different scopes, but with a high-quality successful partnership. It was a pleasure to work for MSD, their team is very receptive and it is a company with very transparent processes. Regarding the values of the Diverse Supplier – a very important program for the company – which, as a purchasing professional, we can access suppliers that bring - that can bring agility and innovation to our daily lives, as well as new business ideas. To the certified businesswomen, I would recommend – in order to do business with MSD – to learn about the processes, the requirements, to study the company's processes, and also, to have a supporting point of contact at the company, because this is very important. Being very assertive is important right at the beginning – that's good for us, and good for the company too. And I’d also recommend that you contact other women suppliers, because we are here to help each other. And rest assured that working for MSD is a very smooth process. The tip I would give for purchasing professionals, is to search within your base, looking for local suppliers options, and that you share the local initiatives on suppliers development that we have within the company, preparing smaller suppliers that can join our processes both locally and regionally. As a global company, it is important that we develop our local suppliers, always bringing agility to our business and decisions.

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