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L.A.R.P. Live Avatar Role Playing

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(tribal music playing) -My girlfriend and I started talking about, "We should get out there and really experience things together." -We wanted to get into nature, which is where we are. -I love it, you know. It doesn't matter what other people plan to do, whatever, I know why I'm here, what I came to do. -I'm not blue and ten feet tall, but you know, when I get to dress and see my friends like this, I do feel ten feet tall. I mean, everyone looks good. They got long hair. They're muscular. You need to be really strong to use a bow. -Ooh! Douglas, nice shot. -Thanks. -You know, you are really good at this. -Thank you. -I'm excited for the Tree of Souls tonight. It's really the most exciting time for the weekend, because we get to bond. -I'm looking forward to bonding with Popeka. -Well, not if I bond with her first. Ow! Fuck! Goddamn it! Ugh! This is not cool. Okay, we're not doing this 'cause it's cool. We're doing this 'cause it's important. Fuck you, sky bitch! -I feel comfortable like this. I feel like this is my real skin, you know. And this is who I am, so I don't have to be ashamed of it. I mean, like a Chinese person shouldn't be ashamed of being Chinese and dress up as, you know, a black person. -(Dan) I work for Megatech. I'm an IT supervisor and analyst. The language of the Na'vi is very beautiful. -(speaking Na'vi language) -I don't spend too much time worrying about how to talk, you know? 'Cause I am...I am Na'vi. I don't have to prove it by saying stuff. -You know, I really feel like I can see people. Like, I see you here. I see you. I see you. (speaks Na'vi) -Tsahaylu is a Na'vi word. It means sacred bond. -I'm most excited for the ceremony at the Tree of Souls. -One of my goals this weekend is to make Tsahaylu with everyone here. This is the tree of souls, the most important place, the most sacred spot in all of Pandora. Scoot a little. Scoot, scoot... So, we're doing the ceremony where we made Tsahaylu and we communicate with our ancestors. -It's almost like what I've seen Japanese people do. -(with accent): My people, the Na'vi. We sit. This is like the true meaning of synergy. It's a chance to meditate, to give back a little bit and kind of appreciate "Hey, we're out here, we are Na'vi, and this is really happening." -See, Pandora, for me, is a place which I feel like I've known about for a long time. Like, way before the movie came out. -I didn't believe in God before "Avatar". I didn't know what to call it. You know, Protestant... I didn't really buy into that. -Like transsexuals, you know, they know who they are so they, you know, allow themselves to have the outer layer that reflects what's inside. Hey, this is who I am. I'm Na'vi. -All the way down to my tail. (giggles) -I don't know and that's okay. You know, it's okay not to know. Captioned by SpongeSebastian for I'll make Tsahaylu right now. (moaning) (sighs) That was a really... That was a really nice Tsahaylu.

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Posted by: spongesebastian on Mar 29, 2010

Portrait of The Na'vi People of Hometree Wisconsin. (Captioned by Sebastian for

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