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Oaxaca Teachers Say Thank You

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Good morning, and... I want to thank you for your generous support to help those of us who were wounded here in Nochixtlán. And... that... very kindly spread the word about what happened on June 19th our people and our town were attacked and we were wounded but, thanks to your support, the MX$30,000 that you sent, that it was delivered to our committee, who will distribute the money equally and depending on the needs of those wounded. Thank you again for your noble support. For given either a little or a lot, God will bless each one of you for helping us. Thanks again and may God give you more than what you gave to help us. Have a good day. [background conversation] Thank you so much, and thank you for coming to Nochixtlán. Thank you and...for those of us who... ...were wounded that day –it's been very difficult and we are all... fearful of being outside or giving interviews, for example. I am from the community of Santiago Tilantongo. I am a worker in preschool education. That day we went out in support of our teachers, I was shot in the leg. Sometimes, I feel like crying or overcome by sadness because... ...the doctors tell us that recovery will take a long time, 3 or 4 years. There's nothing we can do. We were wounded but we were present that day and... ...I thank you a lot, a lot to the person who is giving us this help. We couldn't even imagine, but I thank you infinitely to each one of you who organized and... don't forget us. We can still be in touch through you and see how we are doing. We may be getting better now, but...'s not the same as when it was more difficult... the same time, we are fearful of the government, as when... we went to the doctor last week and were given so many excuses to see a doctor. And the medicine we were given, some are not what the label says and some are fine. And so, that makes us fearful of taking them. I did take the medicine but I felt really bad and... ...I decided to stop taking it because... ...I talked about it and I think it can be meant to cure or kill us. But, I rather not take it. So, thank you... ...what else can I tell you? I send you warm greetings wherever you are. [background noise]

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Posted by: mihistoria on Aug 19, 2016

Oaxaca Teachers Say Thank You After Fundraising Effort

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