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I think it was like the third day of shooting, we did a difficult scene especially early in a shoot which was when I tell the kids that their mom is gone. And once we shot that scene, I thought, well we can do anything together. These kids are capable of—they can handle any of the scenes in this movie. Sort of trial by fire and that kind of pulled us together. It was really good. I mean, it was really helpful to me and I think to everyone the couple of weeks we had before shooting where we did all these— practiced these things together whether it was martial arts or music or rock climbing unfortunately. And individually some of the girls had to learn how to dress out an animal and skin it. I had to learn after a fashion to play the bagpipes. Guitar I had worked on for a while before because I didn't know how to do that. It really helped me during that period that I spent and I stayed out at the place where the tee-pee is. You know? Being there and feeling gradually I was really at home there. And by the time we started shooting, it was definitely a new home that I was very comfortable in. I would say that if there's any lesson I learned from this experience of making Captain Fantastic— not so much a lesson but a reminder of the value of listening to people who are different. If you look at certain movies, they mark a moment. They mark a way of thinking or preoccupations that are in the air that people have or schisms in society. And I think that our movie, Captain Fantastic, definitely does that.

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