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Just Go WIth It (2011)

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This may sound strange, but for years, I've pretended to be married. My wife beats me in front of my kids. [gasp] No! I know how wrong it is. But there's no strings attached, and nobody gets hurt. Once we got married, I thought she'd stop hooking. You need to put this wedding band on a true heart. That's what it feels like. I swear to god, I could see myself ending up with this girl. Did you say what I think you just said? (woman) How 'bout I take your number, and you can take me out on a proper date. I got a business card in my pocket. What's this? A circle? Just tell her the truth. Let me practice, you be her. Oh, good, okay, hold on. Anyways, um, I wear this fake wedding ring You're a pig. Just tell her you're getting a divorce. It's over. We're gonna sign the papers in a couple of days, and... Okay. I just need to hear it from her. Wha-whaddya mean? I need to meet her. How 'bout if she texts you, would that be good? (woman) I cannot believe I'm doing this. I want to create the illusion I had a hot first wife. Not this. Okay, come on, let's go. Is that her? Hello, boring. Why are you wearing that? I'm just, uh, playing the part. I give you my blessing. I have to tweet to all my friends. Oh, gosh, I forgot, you're 15. Ow! Did you just kick me? No, did you? Kick her? Why'd you kick her? (narrator) From Columbia Pictures [cell rings] Hello? Honey, you know how I feel about you selling your brother's stuff on ebay. Hey, hey, take that in the car. You would think... (girlfriend) You have kids? W-w-we ave sort of a little bit of children, right? (narrator) Adam Sandler, Let's do it! (narrator) Jennifer Anniston, My kids? Have you completely lost your mind? My pride and joy, Kiki-D and Marc Hi you guys. Oooh. That man put his p-pee on my face! He put his face on my pee-pee! Danny! Just Go With It. Yeah, I'd create a fake family for that. Give me some fake hugs right now, and laugh real loudly. [kids laughing] I'll be with you in a minute, okay? (kids) Goodnight. ♪ A doo doo doo, a daa daa daa ♪ [Captions by]

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