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[Ray William Johnson (RayWJ)] What’s happening guys? Man, is is just me, or is it just this Taxi driver having a hell of a time parking his car. [Taxi Crash - Clip] [Ray William Johnson (RayWJ)] Okay, a couple of things here, I read the accident, it didn’t injure anyone involved (no injuries FTW!!!) (yeahhhhhh) Yah, I know its great, and 2) don’t be upset the dude wrecked his car, (Crazy Taxi?) I mean, its not that bad! You can, you can probably just buff that out, man, I hope that wasn’t the same taxi driver (WalkerJean) who can sing like Michael Jackson. I really liked that guy. Alright, a little background for this video, this is apparently security footage from a street in Northern Ireland, yah, the driver was from Ireland, so we can all correctly assume that he was pissed drunk. Nah, I’m kidding (JK!) I don’t know if the guy was drunk but he did go ahead and take out a lamp post, a phone booth, and a (beep) newspaper dispenser. 1) Lamp Post 2) Phone Booth Cart, dude! You better take your a** back to Hazard County (say hi to Daisy) No, now, this video has been all over the Irish news, causing the Youtube clip to get 100,000 views in about 3 weeks, and as I said in the end they all get out, they are all okay and they probably gave the cab driver a (sh**ty) tip! Oh, no because he wrecked the cab with them in it, but because Europeans just don’t tip [Cool Transition] [Ray William Johnson (RayWJ) - Text] So this maybe the very first time, I’ve ever reviewed something that was Korean, I don’t know, I can’t remember, have I ever reviewed a Korean video? I don’t know anymore, I forget! But this particular one did get 100,000 views in 2 weeks, and it of, what it appears to be, competitive exercise biking? (WTF?) [Pro Cycling - Clip] [Ray William Johnson (RayWJ) - Text] Okay, I honestly can’t tell. Is he good? I mean I’ve never seen this before, how do you know if someone is good at that. Wait, hold on a second, let me get this straight, this is a sport where you dance around with an exercise bike, and here I thought the only sport they had in South Korea was Starcraft! I mean this doesn’t look like a sport (where the ballz at?) Source: It looks like a dance number from Glee. No, no, no wait! Not only is this a (calm down curling) sport, but this is the Championship. Like, people show up to watch this, and they pay money for tickets like (Korean) Oh, yes, sir, I’ll take two tickets to watch that weird muther(beep)er dance on the bike. I’m just saying that (beep) is just weird! Are you sure it isn’t Japanese? Its usually them who give us the weird videos, I mean (culturally insensitive) I’m not tryin to insult anyone’s culture here, but, I just don’t get it. But what I do know, from now on, when I go to the gym, I’m riding my exercise bike just like that! And then I’m gonna go to Korea and win a big a** trophy, you watch! [Cool Transition] [Ray William Johnson (RayWJ)] Now the big video this week is not actually that big compared to videos previous weeks, but come on! Size doesn’t matter! At least that’s what your girlfriend wants you to believe! Bazoow! Source: No, come on, that joke wasn’t that good! But the video actually is really good, its not about 400,000 views, it was on Jimmy Kimmel, it was featured on The Young Turks, alright the city of Fort Wayne Indiana is going to name their new government building but as these local reporters about to point out, they’re having trouble naming it, after one of the cities former Mayors [Harry Baals - Clip] But that probably won’t happen because of his name. News channel 15 Don Austin is here to explain. [Don Austin - Clip] Well the people voted, and the top pick so far with the more than 10,000 votes is the Harry Baals Government Centre. [Ray William Johnson (RayWJ)] I’m sorry sir, the what government center? [Don Austin - Clip] Harry Baals [Ray William Johnson (RayWJ)] Ah, could you say that again for me one more time, sir? I didn’t quite follow! [Don Austin - Clip] Harry Baals government center [Ray William Johnson (RayWJ)] So the people of Fort Wayne voted to name their new government building after there former mayor whose name is Harry Baals. [Poker Face Ray William Johnson (RayWJ)] You know I happen to see nothing wrong or hilarious about that at all, no but here is what I love about the new report. These news casters they didn’t just drop that name once, they dropped it over and over again. [Don Austin - Clip] Harry Baals Government Center [Don Austin - Clip] Harry Baals was the former Mayor back in the 1930's and 40's and he even served a term in the 1950's. We have a street named after Harry Baals. [Ray William Johnson (RayWJ)] Well, Ballz to you sir! No, but seriously, props to that news team for having that stoned cold (Steve Austin) poker face whenever they report that name! [Don Austin - Clip] Harry Baals Harry Baals Harry Baals Harry Baals [RWJ] You ain’t see my balls. Harry Baals Harry Baals [RWJ] Now, pardon me for being 10 years old, but there is no way I could report on that without laughing! Thanks Tom, the city has yet to decide on whether they like to name their new government building after former Mayor Harry Baals, Giggity! No, but, seriously Fort Wayne, name the dumb building Harry Baals! I mean, who cares, its not one of those slippery slopes, if we named the building Harry Baals the only people who will go there will be Tea Baggers! No, come on, I get it! People just don’t wanna say the name Harry Baals! They don’t want Harry Baals coming out of their mouth. Which I can totally understand. But come on, Fort Wayne just name it that, and put the issue to rest! But you know what will never be put to rest the comment question of the day. Which comes from a user named (bam) oooTOFAooo And she said: [oooTOFAooo] My question is? “If Ted Williams has a Golden Voice, who has the Golden Ticket?” [RWJ] So who has the golden ticket? [Ray William Johnson] Leave your interesting and creative responses in the comment section below, or on Facebook or Twitter [Cool Transition] [Ray William Johnson] But thanks for watching today’s episode of Equals Three, I’m Ray William Johnson, and I approve this message. So tell me guys, what makes you angry?

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Posted by: spongesebastian on Feb 16, 2011

Equals Three with RayWilliamJohnson. (thanks to for the transcript)

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