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"The Day That Never Comes", working title, "(Casper)", - written in Casper, Wyoming. - It's a pretty dark ballad. It's kind of a traditional sort of thing we do with ballads. We lure you in with the softness of the ballady ways... Good thing I'm wearing sun glasses, because my eyes are rolling right now. And then we just come in and it's crushing, we just flatten you. The subject matter is not really happy either. - It's pretty dark. - Yeah, it is very dark. The lyrics came along later but that had very different feels. Lots of different feels along the way. Yeah, this song cycled through a lot of changes before we actually ended up with what we have now. Particularly the chorus went through a bunch of changes as well. We discovered that we need to get back to a little more intricate picking. Picking with a melody within it. A la "Fade to Black", a la "Sanitarium", things like that. So this ended up more of a melody within a picking and just writing it right there in the studio. I can remember the instrumental part of the back part of the song coming together fairly quickly when we were working on it. It came together literally in an afternoon. The tag, as we call it, which is three and a half minutes long, longer than most songs, but the out-tro came together really quickly. Some of these things write themselves and some others sit around for years and you struggle with it. Just waiting for the right thing to happen. The vocal melody came pretty quickly and it just belonged. It just stuck. I remember really trying to develop a bass part for the intro, and it's tricky sometimes when you have a lot of space and you also got melody coming through the guitar, the guitar speaking a certain way. You got to figure out how to get your bass part in there between kick drums and snares and then the notes that James is picking on there. It was a challenge for me and I took my time developing it. It was one of those things where right down to tracking it, it's like "OK, this is cool." To come in on the guitar solo that also came together in an afternoon too. It's almost like a written part because we just sat down and that's all that came out and it worked for the song and we really didn't even change it at all from that afternoon on. It's almost like a wild roller-coaster ride at times, that middle section. And I remember when I was playing that bass part, that... Originally it was just the bass on it's own and it was maybe a little too jazzy on its own. So we restructured it and got the rhythms in there, the heavy rhythms, You started barring it - you actually figured out the notes and you hit the bar chords which was cool. That was a big challenge, doing the rhythms to that bass run. - Good challenge. Up for that. - All right, right here.

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Metallica Music Video

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