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Just say NO to GMO!

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"And they found that the genes that were inserte into soy beans transferred into the DNA of the bacteria living inside us." "And certain varieties of genetically modified corn are engineered to produce an insecticide..." an insecticide, an insecticide, living inside us, inside us I'm looking at the food that's in the grocery store They safe it's safe, everybody eat more On second thought, I don't really know if it's made with those GMOs So I'm looking for the non GMO label before I bring it home and put it on the table I wanna know it's verified so I don't harm myself with genetically modified The don't want you to know poison they grow Profits they show from those GMOs Frankenseeds that they sow They're gonna hurt us we know Told them to go Say GMO... NO! Hey, look I don't want eat poison I don't want gene mutations at my dinner reservations it's a food abomination what they're doing to this fast food nation They take artificial gene combinations inject them in seed variations so they can grow their Frankenfood imitations while the side effects cause medical patients Keep their profits alive while they spraying all the food with name brand herbicides and all the while they're spreading their lies Monsanto destroying farmer's lives and the FDA just keeps it all going saying it's safe even though they all know it's just poison stealing away your life, and that's what you eat with genetically modified They don't want you to know Poison they grow profits they show GMO.. NO! Frankenseeds the they sow They're gonna hurt us we know Told them to go say GMO.. NO! "FDA scientists said that GMOs might create allergies, toxins, new diseases and nutritional problems." "...and they said no testing necessary." GMO safety huh, that's a corporate myth if you don't believe me listen to Jeffrey Smith He's the man with a plan gonna do what he can to help us all get those GMOs... BANNED! But we need you to lend a hand take a stand against this food scam it's a mission for the health condition worldwide because we don't wanne live genetically modified Don't eat food unless you know what's in it Don't believe the propaganda the press will spin it Affects everybody, we all up in it Stand up to Monsanto, tell them oh no you didn't Reject Frankenfoods in the store Demand honest labels so we can be informed We have a natural right to know What we are buying Just say NO to GMO Before our farms start dying Just say NO to GMO Those corporate crooks are lying Just say NO to GMO This time we're not complying Just say NO to GMO We're just not buying it Just say NO to GMO Just say NO to GMO Just say NO to GMO Learn. Share. Restore.

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Duration: 3 minutes and 26 seconds
Country: United States
Language: English
Producer: Mike Adams
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Posted by: dhyana on Nov 18, 2010

Mike Adams from sings an activist song about GMOs.

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