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Welcome (Advice Path) (Proprietary Exchange)-HD

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When you're shopping for benefits, you want to make sure you find the plans that offer you the right financial protection. We know you're spending a lot of money - probably more than on any other shopping trip this year. And you have a lot at stake. Welcome to a store where you shop for benefits. We guide you to the best coverage for YOU. And we make it simple and enjoyable. We help you navigate a range of benefits options, offering you flexible decision support. You can receive a specific recommendation of plans that are right for you based on your health, finances, and personality, or get advice to help you shop. If you opt for a recommendation, we ask you questions, create your benefits profile, and use that information to build you a customized portfolio of benefits. Let's talk about how much you expect to use health care services next year. Tell me about any medications you take on a regular basis. How about any planned surgical procedures? On to your financial well-being. Is saving for retirement a goal you have today? With information about your specific situation, our sophisticated recommendation engine creates a recommended portfolio just for you one that matches coverage to your needs and preferences, and minimizes your cost... …keeping your information strictly confidential and using it only in your best interests. As your personal benefits advisor, we'll also help you understand the reasons behind those recommendations. If you want to, you can accept our recommendations and put them into your shopping cart; or you can pick other plans. If you opt for advice, you'll learn about your risks and coverage needs to help you make smart shopping decisions. And you can always go back for a full recommendation. Either path you choose, you can compare plans side-by-side, review the details of plans in your store - free of jargon, and see how each choice impacts your costs. You can also learn more about benefits through the videos and articles in your educational hub… Plus, we'll stick around, making sure you know what you're covered for and helping you update your coverage when things change... Year-round accessibility, granular benefits information, and a library of educational materials will keep you up-to-date on your coverage. We'll help you choose and use your benefits. Congrats on your bundle of joy! Want to add the little guy to your medical plan? We're glad you're here! Happy shopping!

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Posted by: paulzak on Aug 28, 2015

Welcome (Advice Path) (Proprietary Exchange)-HD

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