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The Voice of Opposition

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The Voice of Opposition -- Nigel sets European Parliament alight with his end of term speech On behalf of the Independence and Democracy Group, Nigel Farage The Independence and Democracy Group has tried to be helpful, positive and constructive right through this parliamentary term. Yes, because we've been providing the voice of opposition and, in a democracy, opposition is essential. It is vital. But sadly, as President Václav Klaus pointed out when he came here, you don't actually think there should be any alternative view and, as a result of that, your presidency has been marked by your deeply prejudicial manner in the way in which you have treated the Members of this House who have stood up and opposed the Constitution/Lisbon Treaty. And the defining moment for me in this House was we had the French say ‘no’, we had the Dutch say ‘no’ and then we had the Irish say ‘no’, and this Parliament has wilfully carried on ignoring the wishes of the people. You just don't get it, do you? ‘No’ means ‘no’! And it's truly... it's truly incredible that 499 Members of this House voted to ignore the Irish ‘no’ vote and to continue with the Treaty. What kind of a Parliament is this? If you believed in democracy, you would not just bulldoze aside those three referendum results. Worse still, you are now so fearful of public opinion – you know that you are losing the argument – that you've sunk to abuse. I've had Mr Watson saying that I behave like an English football hooligan, when all I did was to gently point out that Commissioner Barrot is a convicted embezzler. Gary Titley said that I was a paranoid reactionary living on the fringes of society. Well, I mean he may have a point, I don't know; but Danny Cohn-Bendit, that great champion of free speech, said that opponents of the Treaty were mentally ill, and Martin Schulz, the leader of the Socialists, saying after one of the ‘no’ votes 'we must not bow to populism' and that the ‘no’ votes opened the door to fascism. Well, I hope in the next four weeks, in this campaign, the voters of Europe can see the real face of this project. You are nationalistic; you are bullying; you are threatening; you are anti-democratic; you're a complete shower! June 4th -- Rain on their parade help translate at and sign the petition at

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Posted by: on Jun 28, 2009

Nigel Farage, the Leader of the UK Independence Party sets the European Parliament alight!

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