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Detailed leacrtue on Sufism by Imam Mahdi Gohar Shahi part 5/8

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This is the dignity of this ummah. One day Prophet Isa/Jesus [AS] said that “‘O' Allah I have great passion to see you”. Allah said, "Had not you seen the condition of Moses [AS]?". Since He [Jesus] had seen His [Moses] state --- so got anxious and asked. “Then, how to have your vision”? Allah replied, "You'll have to become the Follower (Umti) of my Beloved Prophet [PBUH]". Jesus [AS] replied, “I’m agreed”. He [AS], then, lifted up alive. Now, Mahdi (AS) will come. Jesus [AS] will take oath of allegiance from Him. He will become an umati. Then, He [AS] will have the vision of Allah. See! What the dignity of an ummati. For scholars --- for Godly scholars Prophet Muhammad [PBUH] said that “they will be like the prophets of Bani Israel” because neither their Prophets nor their Scholars could have vision of God and said for these saints/wali that “the Prophets of Bani Israel will be envious of my saints”. The day when Isa/Jesus [AS] would come and becomes the disciple of Imam Mehdi will not all the Prophets be envious? After Prophet Muhammad [PBUH] the highest rank in the line of Prophecy is of Prophet Isa/Jesus [AS] and so He [AS] himself have come forward to became disciple. Now, how this Personal name can be acquired? Let us tell the method also. Maybe there is someone having a Heart (divine heart). Hazrat Sakhi Sultan Bahu wrote a book named ‘Noor–ul-Huda’ that cannot be understood. One day we encountered/met with him. We asked, although you have written this book but nobody could understand it, thousands of people read it; they say we are unable to understand it? Then he (Sultan Bahu) just said; “it's fine, it may not be understood by thousands of people, it may not be understood till thousand of year even after thousand years, if only one would be able to understand it, he would let thousands of others to understand it; this way, my effort will bring fruit”. We met a captain of navy. He staid to me, “I’ve great strive for God” I write Allah on paper everyday several thousands of times and put it into the sea but many years have passed, I could not find even a tiny indication of God”. Dear! God is in the heart, you were putting into the sea writing after writing Allah on paper, and you kept on putting it into the sea. You should have put Him into your heart. How to put Him into the heart? This is the only point. If one could understand it. Now how this Allah goes into the heart? If it goes into the heart, only then efforts will bring fruit. This (Allah) is to be written 66 – sixty six times on paper every day. Write it with good handwriting, write after the Fajar prayer. Otherwise any time in a day whenever you get a chance. You may write several times in a day five, six, seven times but whenever you start writing write it with great love; who knows, you are writing and He is looking. Maybe while doing this you’ll be accepted. He is point rewarding. You will write few days and a day will come that whatever you were writing on paper is started moving in your eyes. It came from paper into eyes. Imagination established. This is called beholder of imagination. Whenever imagination starts recurring into eyes, then stop writing. Then, transfer it from eyes to the heart with full concentration. Then, if God wished, whatever you were writing on paper would be seen as written on heart. That time the heart beat will get fasten --- til-tik-tik. Synchronize Allah-Hu with this tik-tik --- Allah with one and Hu with the other. That rosary of the heart has begun. When it will be seen in writing here ---person with police tag is a policeman and one with Allah written (on heart) will be man of Allah. When you go to sleep at night consider this finger a pen with imagination write Allah on your heart while writing go to asleep. The slumber should befall upon you while doing this because the intention one has at the time of sleeping the same happens in dreams also. You slept while chanting Allah-Hu and continued chanting Allah-Hu in dreams. We used to run a canteen in Chakwal (city in Pakistan) some conductors the conductors of the buses, used to sleep over there in our canteen they kept on snorting. We saw them, they were snorting with great delight but they are saying “Lahore – Pindi, Lahore – Pindi” they came from Lahore for Pindi --- they kept on watching this in dream also. Then, once your thought will be turned towards Allah in sleeping and in awaking and even while working then, family-members will say that “you were doing Allah-Hu” you will reply that “I was sleeping”. When you get up in the morning, you have ablution or not (no matter) keep on doing hidden chanting (Zikr-e-Khafi). It is called hidden commemoration unless it is synchronized with heartbeats. The hidden commemoration (Zikr-e-Khafi) is not any destination; it is mere worship. The day when your heartbeats started calling Allah-Allah, today, your journey has begun. This is called Tareeqat (mysticism) and the connection of Tareeqat is with this heart today, your vehicle has started its journey towards Allah. Now, this vehicle needs petrol; then offer prayers and keep fasting – these will act as its petrol, then this vehicle will approach. Then once this vehicle by chanting Allah-Allah will approach to Allah, this is called Haqeeqat (reality). The relation of Haqeeqat is with these sights. Now, here arises a question which irritates our scholars but we don’t have any enmity with them and nor have any enmity with Peers (worldly spiritual leaders); this is order of Allah which we are illustrating. Regardless of it seems right to someone or feels bad to someone. Here, wherever we have gone, our scholars said that everything is present in the Shariat. They said mysticism is also in Shariah, Haqeeqat is also present in Shariat; Maarfat is also present in Shariat. We went to Norway, there is signboard bearing that “there is 'no world' beyond this point”. If someone who is adventurer (explorer) of the world will stop by approaching there that there is no world ahead of it and what he’ll do going any further? Likewise, the one who is in the seeker of Allah will get stuck in Shariah that nothing is ahead of this Shariat; what should I do going beyond this? Why they did not said that these hearts also chant Allah-Allah? There are also people of hearts. These eyes, too, do see God. There are also the ‘people of eyes’. So that people should search for it. They say that there is no asceticism (Rehbanait) in Islam. If there has not been this asceticism in the Islam; then, was Sheikh Abdul Qadir Jalani not in Islam? Was Khawaja Sahib (Moin-udin Chisty) not in Islam? They lived many years in jungles. Shariah does not exist in jungles. Shariah is found in cities, in madrassas, and in mosques. Why, then, they went into jungles? That was some other knowledge. That was the knowledge of Tareeqat, Haqeeqat, and Marafat. When they came back – they came after becoming great perfect saints. Once those heartbeats, then, chant Allah-Allah then, there are some people whose heartbeats non-prominent for them; the Saints have invented some methods. Qalander Pak (Lal Shahbaz Qalander), when people went to see them, he used to say “let’s dance”. That dance still exists. He made them dance. Once I went to Sehwan (Place where shrine of Lal Shahbaz Qalander is situated) there that time people used to dance with Allah-Hu. Now, they dance with “Dama’dam must Qalander”. Two people among them felt unconscious while dancing. I started sprinkling water on one and there was another man whose teeth were too tight and closed that even water was not going inside and the voice was coming from the heart “Dama’dam must Qalander”. We thought that these days they do “Dama’dam must Qalander” and the voice of “Dama’dam must Qalander” comes from the hearts. That time (when they used to dance with Lal Shahbaz Qalander) as they used to dance with Allah-Hu, that time the voice of Allah-Hu would be coming from their hearts. That is why Bullah Shah said, “We persuade our Friend by Dancing. He was asked, then that “can the Friend be pleased by dancing?” It was then known that, they (Bullah Shah) danced and they danced a lot, heartbeats got prominent then, Allah-Allah was synchronized with them, then the Friend become pleased. Ameer Kalal made people play Kabaddi.

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Posted by: theallfaith on May 10, 2010 This address was delivered by His Holiness Riaz Ahmed Gohar Shahi in Azad Kashmir (Pakistan).

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