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Captioned Sermon of National Community Church ( A18 - Strategy by Joel Schmidgall )

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Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this; to look after the orphans, and the widows in their distress and keep onself from being polluted by the world. For you know grace of our Lord, that though he was rich for your sakes he became poor. So that you through his poverty might become rich. But someone will say you have faith, I have deeds. Show me your faith without deeds and I'll show you my faith by what I do. Learn to do good. Seek justice. Help the oppressed. Defend the cause of the orphans. Fight for the rights of widows. He defended the cause of the poor and the needy, and so all went well. "Is that not what it means to know me, declares the Lord." Defend the cause of the weak and fatherless, maintain the rights of the poor and oppressed. Rescue the weak and the needy. Deliver them from the hand of the wicked. Three things will last forever: faith, hope and love. And the greatest of these is love. You will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes upon you. And you will be my witnesses telling people about everywhere. In Jerusalem, throughout Judea, and Samaria. And to the ends of the earth. Fifteen months ago, I began to pray for Gods direction for missions at National Community Church, and this idea was sparked in my spirit: What if we could tithe our church towards mission? What if we could send 10% of people at NCC into short-term missions? Heres the thing, weve never taken more than three trips in a year, and this would call for 120 people on ten different trips to ten different countries in ten months, so it was a big vision. But God began to grip my heart with this idea that we could begin to address the sex trade in Thailand: that we could begin to go after the orphans and the widows in Uganda; that we could address drug rehabilitation in Trinidad; and begin to care for HIV AIDS-infected people on the side of a mountain in Ethiopia; that we could be solutions to the problems around the world. Heres whats so exciting, over 150 will have gone on trips this year. Thats close to 12% of National Community Church giving their life to go on missions. Man! We need to say a collective Amen and Hallelujah right there! My soul just begins to well up at excitement because God is on the move in this place and He cannot be contained here. But the real power of this vision doesnt come through overall steps, it comes through individual stories, so I want to zoom in and share a few stories from this past year in A1:8. I think making the decision to go to the Dominican Republic was not as hard as being prepared for what God was going to be doing, what God was going to be doing in me and how God was going to be using our team. I can remember, we spent one day, we went out to La Victoria and the chance to work with the orphans and the chance to see the faces of the poor and the needy and to interact and a chance, not to tell them about Jesus, but to show them. The Lost Delta is an area that, during the hurricane season, is often damaged and ravaged from all the hurricane winds and high waters, so we decided to take time and serve the leaders. We actually chose a home to be in and we went in that day while she was out serving the community and we took time to paint her home; and to see her come home and to see the joy on her face the moment she walked through the door, her face just lit up; and to see her selfless service, immediately she ran to the kitchen and came out with Coca-Cola and Ho Hos and want just wanted to give us something to share her gratefulness. What I saw was that God didnt call those who are already equipped, He equips those He calls, and that was what was powerful about traveling to the Dominican Republic. I was part of the RV trip to Louisiana and during the trip after we had done a couple things, a group of people told us that we were going to go to some strip clubs and that we would go to some bars. The church did this ministry called Midnight Ministry where women of the church would go to the strip clubs and they were hand out roses to these young ladies with a really simple message, which was Jesus loves you and that you are not forgotten and if you need help, we are here. One night, while we were doing the Midnight Ministry, there was this young lady,Sandy, who went in with teens, she came out crying, she sat behind me and felt like I needed to sit next to her and ask her what was going on and she looked at me and said that the reason she was crying was because she saw a friend in the last strip club and she told me that she was a stripped for a year, and we just talked about how the grass is greener on this side, and how the Lord Reedemed her life. So we start talking about our families and she asked me if I had a sugar daddy, and I said no, then some of the girls behind us jokingly said, then you must be the sugar momma and I said no. Then she asked me if I had any sugar babies and I said no, but I told her that my husband and I had been trying for over two years and that it had been hard. And she looked at me and put her hand on mine and she told me that she and her husband had been trying for three years. What blows me away is that in this place where I thought I was going to be ministering to these women who really had no hope, this woman who had lived that lifestyle, who had been redeemed by an amazing God, by a Savior, was able to minister to me. Im a mission trip veteran at NCC with my first one being Uganda and it has been amazing how each and every one has impacted me and how it has led to where I am now and where Im going. When we were able to spend some time with some children in Addis who live on the street, they live in the sewers and they live under an underpass, and the Friday night before we left, we were fortunate enough to go out to dinner with them and from then on, I fell in love with these kids and was able to build an unbelievably deep relationship with kids who live on a street. I think God was faithful to me taking small steps of faith and growing in my faith and He decided to use this week to change my entire life. So the whole plane ride home, I could not get the children out of my head, so I spent the next couple weeks wondering what is going on here. I could hardly sleep, I was just excited, I had joy and I had a heart to want to be with these kids, so throughout the next few months, I felt the calling to give up everything and move to Addis and start working with those kids and come along the ministry that had just started through Beza International, and He has opened every door and He has made this decision easy. I came back in June and my decision was 100% that I was going to give up my cushy corporate job and since then, I have sold all my possessions and moved into a group house. I live in a one bedroom basement with pretty much just my clothes and I havent struggled with it at all. I think Ive been really focused on trying to stay humble and obedient and to just keep showing gratitude because so feel blessed for this opportunity. There is no question that serving kids in Addis Ababa is the will of God. The biggest challenge to others and even to myself still is instead of ready, set, go it should be go, set, ready because I can promise you I am so imperfect and I am so NOT ready for this leap of faith, but Im going. I know and I have faith that is going to bless my obedience and He is going to bless my time in Ethiopia and He is going to use this vessel that is not ready and has all kinds of imperfections to build up the kids, build up the children of Ethiopia who live in sewers. Thats it. There is a common thread in each of these stories and thats this – God called, people acted and lives were changed. It is a simple formula, you make yourselves available to Him and God will move on behalf of those in need. What is A1:8? It is ten trips around the globe to meet the needs of a hurting world. But it is so much more than that. A1:8 is reminding a prostitute in Baton Rouge, Louisiana that she is not forgotten. A1:8 is serving the poor and the orphaned in the Dominican Republic. A1:8 is serving the children in Ethiopia who call the streets their home. Completing ten trips is not the only goal of A1:8 The goal is to actively engage every person and every seat at all of our locations in missions. Here is what I love about this – each story that was shared represents 15 more stories exactly like that, so when we share what God is doing around the world, it is more than just a few good stories from a few random people, it is a choir of people who have been called according to Gods purposes, who have been saved by grace through faith and who have stepped out and stepped up into Gods mission for this world In Luke 6, Jesus tells us to first of all hear the words, but second of all to act accordingly. So my challenge to you today is to act accordingly. Will you be the church with us? In Acts 9 we find a guy named Ananias. Ananias is given a vision from God. God speaks to him in that place, very exciting, but then he receives the content of this vision. Go and meet Saul, who, by the way, has been persecuting Christians like a hobby, and Ananias reacts in verse 13, God, maybe you didnt read this guys resume, he kills guys like me. If he is the hunter in the woods, I am the deer with the birthmark. But God does not respond by saying that it is optional. Verse 15: But the Lord said to Ananias, Go. God listened to his excuses. By the way, thats what we call reasoning. Then God says, Go. Saul and Ananias are an interesting situation. This is right after the Damascus Road experience for Saul where God spoke to him and changed his life and now he waits defenseless for someone who could seek revenge on him for the years of killing that he did, and Ananias is called to put himself in the hands of a man who has been given governmental authority to kill him. It is a death warrant. Heres the deal though, their God-given destiny was intertwined with one another. Verse 17, if you have your Bible, open with me: Then Ananias went to the house and entered it. Placing his hands on Saul, he said, Saul, the Lord Jesus who appeared to you on the road as you were coming here, has sent me so that you may see again and be filled with the Holy Spirit. Immediately, something like scales fell from Sauls eyes and he could see again. He got up and was baptized and after taking some food, he regained his strength. God brings healing to Saul through Ananias bold actions. Now listen to this statement right here, Someone elses miracle is on the other side of your obedience. Someones miracle is waiting in the balance for you to act on what God is speaking to you. There are people that you have no relationship with right now that I believe hold the key to your God-given destiny. Ananias acted in faith and Saul received the healing. And Saul acted in faith and Ananiass vision became reality. Jenny, from our New Orleans trip, was intimidated by that Midnight Outreach. It wasnt her first choice, but she acted and she ended up getting to minister to the woman in an incredible way. The lady received her miracle that night, but what ultimately happened, the person whom Jenny thought she was supposed to give toward ended up bringing direction to her dreams. Your destiny is intertwined with someone elses but it is only realized when you step into missions, when you go. Our mission strategy at NCC is found in one verse, A1:8. Acts Chapter 1, verse 8: For you will receive power to be my witnesses in Jerusalem, (which was their own town, their neighborhood) and Judea and Samaria (Samaria being the place that everyone avoided, the unwanted parts of that country) and to the ends of the earth. God gives us this universal call to go. So our strategy has three legs – take the love of God to our cities, to the unwanted places, and to the nations. The goal for us this summer has meant to engage our neighborhood, it is our Jerusalem. Hasnt it been a powerful experience for us? On Friday night, I pull my grill around to the front of my house and throw some burgers and dogs on for some grilling and chilling for our neighbors. Its amazing how a burger can start a relationship. On Saturday mornings, we have a Dream Center prayer group that prayer walks different parts of the city. We are focused on what God is speaking and how we should act from that. Simply going this summer has opened up our eyes to see the hurts and the needs of our neighborhoods God would see them. Here is what Ive found in my groups and on my missions trips this year. When I tried to build community, sometimes I can accomplish that. But when I take a group on missions, I can accomplish missions and community. Every missions trip Ive ever taken, those teams come back with a sense of unity and love for one another, no matter how weird or quirky or opposite the team is, because when you care about what God cares about, He draws you together. So I feel like our small groups have gone to the next level because of the way we have shared Christ with our neighbors. We want to parlay some of the momentum of this summer beyond what we can accomplish in six weeks. We feel called to continue to reach into our neighborhoods. In a month, we will start groups back up again, empowering you to lead in your passions and gifting, but we will also have ten home missions trips, if you will. You will see it on the last page of your missions booklet. One Saturday each month, we will come together and have a time of training and worship and then we will go out into our neighborhoods. Its not one big outreach event, but it is continuing to access different parts of this city, reaching our neighborhoods. Id love to see you, as an individual or as a small group, commit to this mission, serving our city once a month. It is not a special calling for a few but it is the responsibility of all of us. Our mission strategy, the second portion, is to go to the unwanted places. We have a dream right now at NCC, Pastor Mark has referenced it a number of times, a 24/7 ministry center in D.C. We live in a city full of power to direct our nation but exempt from the power to change the lives on D.C. streets. But God fills voids and we feel called to be what He uses to build this city. Nine months ago, we did an event that reached out to 10,000 of the poor in our city, but we realized that that wasnt the end, but it was the means to an end. Yesterday on our prayer walk around the city, we met Bruce, who grew up in the southwest D.C. projects. He shared with us about his friend who died just a few days prior. Three people have been killed in the last couple of months because of a turf war. He found out that I was a pastor and he began to share the need for people to not give up on them. He said, We need you to help take care of the young people who have nobody to give positive influence. It is not an easy fight and its probably a long one but we can turn the tide. Those kinds of conversations are happening around this city and I am compelled to believe that the church can be the answer. I think a lot of us know about these things that happen in our city and we hope and we wish and sometimes we pray for healing, but God didnt ask for good hope from us, He commissioned us for action. Good intention is not an excuse for a lack of action. As I pray over the overwhelming circumstances in this city, here is what I have felt overwhelmingly in my own spirit. Im less concerned with the evil around us and Im more focused on the God within us. Saint Irenious used to say that whatever Christ has not assumed, He has not redeemed. Remember the valley of dry bones in Ezekiel? When that was assumed by God, life was breathed into them and they became living and active beings. When Christ got on the cross, He assumed our sins on his back and what? He redeemed us. So we have a dream, that we could go to the unwanted places of this city and engage it with the hope and the presence of God; a dream to create a place where hope becomes habit. We like to think that God doesnt show favoritism but the fact is He does. In the Scriptures, He shows favoritism toward the poor, toward the widows, towards the orphans and toward those in need. In fact, Jesus says in Matthew 25, Inasmuch as you did to the least of these, you did it to Me. Thats why people like Michael Florence and John Hassler who lead our ministries on the streets are my heroes. Weve got this crazy vision that we could begin to attack some of the needs in our city. Heres what I love about this vision though. We dont have the resources to do something like this. We dont have the money, we dont have the ability, but thats why I feel so confident because weve got the miracle circumstances. Most of us want the miracle without the miracle circumstances, but God puts us in places where we realize the only way this can happen is if his hand is involved. So God just gave me a phrase to hold on to about this dream. It will be conceived in prayer and born in passion. So can I ask you to pray with me for this miracle. And if youd like to take the next step, do more than that, than join us in our Saturday group, where we hope to take prayer into action. A1:8. We feel called to our city, to the unwanted places. The third leg of our mission strategy at NCC is that we feel called to the nations. The stories that were shared earlier do it more justice than my words, but let me give it a try. When you care for those who cant care for themselves, God gives you what you cant gain for yourself, and that is Gods heart. To quote a prayer that our pastor has often prayed, God, break my heart for what breaks your heart. I will forever be changed from this last year because of someone I met on a mission. Number 8. Thats what men called her at the bar where she worked, but Nina and I called her May. We had the chance to hang out a number of nights and at the end of the week, we invited her to this huge party that we threw for all the girls at the Well Ministry and May showed up. We played games and we sang songs and we had dinner. The girls in the Thai bar scene are taught that prostitution is their destiny. So it was this incredible experience for us to share Gods destiny for her, which is this – Jeremiah 29:11 For I know the plans that I have for you, declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. When you take a simple step into missions, your life collides with the reality of our world and you are changed. The plans for missions this past year was to try a crazy experiment and see what happens. We did it! And the Holy Spirit happened! He used every person on every trip, and it has altered our church in a magnificent way and it catapulted us to an altered vision for this next year, which is this 10 and 10 in 2010. Ten trips local and ten trips abroad in 2010. You will see in the booklet the ten unique experiences that we have, taking redemption to our world. We are reaching out to a deaf community in Nicaragua; we are engaging Burmese refugees in Thailand; we are ministering to street kids in Ethiopia with Pastor Zeb and Adam Taylor; we are taking hope to the nations, and I want to ask you to consider today, "how can I act?" Pull out your A1:8 card right now and in the next few moments, will you just prayerfully fill out this card and drop it in the offering. In Acts 9, God came to Ananias with a vision, and it all started with a simple response from Ananias to God. In verse 10, he said, Yes Lord. I have felt prompted in my spirit to start my day with this simple statement. Not what today Lord? but just simply, Yes Lord, yes to your will, yes to your opportunities, yes to your leading, yes to your missions. But then came the scary part, Go. Yohan Wolfgang [?] said, Hell begins the day God grants you the vision to see all you could have done, should have done, would have done but did not do. I pray today that belief becomes faith, and the way for belief to become faith is to turn your Yes Lord into I will go. Lets start our day with Yes Lord but lets end our day with I will go. Will you go today?

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Pastor Joel concludes the A18: Neighborhoods series by casting vision for 10 and 10 in 2010. Ten international trips and 10 local service projects in 2010. The mission of Acts 1:8 challenges us to take the Gospel to our neighborhoods, the unwanted places, and the nations.

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